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Lawcast 133: Scott Greenfield, a US criminal defense lawyer on wholesale stealing of blog content from bloggers

Today I am talking to Scott Greenfield, a new York criminal defense lawyer and author of the Simple Justice blog. I read his blog most days… it isn’t all about criminal law, it is eclectic, giving a small snapshot as many blogs do about law and life in our times. If there is controversy to be had on the web, Scott is a master of the genre and like a Canadian Mountie…  always gets his man…

In a blog post last week entitled USLaw.com: The Verdict Is In

Scott wrote as follows… and I quote… “ When I questioned why USLaw.com used my posts, in their entirety, on its website, it caused quite a ruckus.  It seems that the proprietor of USLaw.com, a fellow who uses the name Gregory Chase, though I have good reason to believe it’s a fake, reacted quite poorly.  I was absolutely wrong, he informed me, and I was damaging his business.  He was going to “embarrass” me and tossed slander out (I know, but he apparently isn’t aware of the distinction between slander and libel).”

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Next time you buy a poppy to pay tribute to those who gave their lives fighting for our country, take a few seconds to remember that this c**t, Tory MP James Gray, member of Parliament for North Wiltshire,  claimed £60 on expenses to pay for wreaths. Guido Fawkes who has many amusing things on his blog today had this to say… among others:

Tory MP James Gray, who Guido can confirm from previous behaviour is a complete shit, is exposed today by the News of the World “as a greedy skinflint after claiming for Remembrance Day wreaths on expenses.” Iain Dale calls James Gray “a class one copper bottomed shit… I feel sick to the stomach that an MP from the party I support could even contemplate claiming money for a wreath, let alone actually going ahead and doing it.” So bad news for the Tory Shadow Scottish Secretary David Mundell, who also claims for wreaths.  They are both pretty much unashamed that their tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice is to put in an expense claim.

I could not resist visiting Mr Gray’s website… and to my joy… there was the picture above which I have snipped so as to add my own thoughts.  Ironically, there is also a post by Mr Gray…

MP calls for the Camp Bastion War Memorial to be returned to Wootton Bassett

Thursday 23rd April

North Wiltshire MP James Gray has called for the war memorial, which is currently at Camp Bastion, to be moved to Wootton Bassett High Street when the camp finally closes, as a way of recognising the way the town pays its respects to repatriated bodies of our fallen servicemen.

Perhaps Mr Gray was concerned about how far he would have to go to claim travel expenses?  I do not know but, clearly, he has the best interests of our armed forces at heart.

Oh… and do have a look at Guido Fawkes today – an amusing Musical about MP expenses among other things…. on Sunday Sleaze – a bumper edition.

Note: James Gray MP
Military Service
His military service includes seven years in the Honourable Artillery Company, the oldest regiment of the Territorial Army (1977-84) on whose Court of Assistants he served from 2002-07. He is a graduate of the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme and of the Royal College of Defence Studies.

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