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Polly Toynbee has delivered her judgment: I have no idea whether it will be her final pronouncement on the matter because she does have a tendency to reflect on matters over the course of a parliament, or even a day,  and… maybe it is me… but I do enjoy her changes of mind on matters political.   I fear, however, that the Affaire politique de Brown is over… and this is her final pronouncement.

I have, it has to be said, been drinking English white wine – sharp, astringent, fruity, 11.5 % (did not do the business for me) – and this may have clouded my otherwise peccable political nose.  Peccable is, of course a word. Sir Walter Scott told me – and he knew a thing or two.

Adj. 1. peccable – liable to sin; “a frail and peccable mortal”- Sir Walter Scott

11.30 pm: You have to laugh… Guido Fawkes latest post tonight…

+++ Hogg Claimed for Moat Dredging +++

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What every schoolboy knows…

I happened to use the phrase ‘what every schoolboy knows’ the other day when referring to a US Supreme Court decision defining the tomato as a vegetable when, it is, in fact, a fruit!

I received this wonderful piece from Leslie Katz this morning. It is a good read.  This is partly what the internet is about!

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The revelations continue with news that while David Cameron, Osborne and Hague appear to have been reasonable and sane with their expenses, others have not.  Cheryl Gillan, Tory MP  and Shadow Welsh Secretary was forced to apologise after admitting she had put through dog food on expenses.  Mind you, I suspect that her dog may well be more useful for political work than the progeny of some MPs who employ their sons who do little or nothing in return for the public largesse given to them.

ITN reports:

“Shadow health secretary Andrew Lansley apparently renovated a Tudor thatched cottage using taxpayer’s cash shortly before selling it. Oliver Letwin, chairman of the Conservatives’ policy team, apparently received more than £2,000 to replace a leaking pipe under a tennis court. Meanwhile, shadow Leader of the House Alan Duncan is facing questions for reportedly running up a £4,000 bill on gardening, before being warned by officials that the spending “could be considered excessive”.

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11th May: News up on Insite Law

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Editor pick of the day
11th May 2009

MPs’ expenses and the great national sneer

” The Daily Telegraph has undeniably pulled off a great coup in getting hold of the details of MPs’ expenses claims and publishing them. It’s doing it in dribs and drabs, starting yesterday, thus pre-empting the official plan to publish them all together in July, after the elections in June to the European parliament and the county councils.” More…

The Slackoisie Fight Back
Scott Greenfield of Simple Justice… ” Adrian Dayton, blawger and tweeter , is a great young man.  Happy, smiling, smart and engaging.  It was great to meet him on the way out of the Gen-Y Panel discussion at SuperConference. But poor Adrian, one of the small vocal group of millenials at the conference trying to defend their honor against the rash of senior lawyers (with one curious exception), suffers from the same disease that infects the Slackoisie: the inability to see life in terms of anything other than “me”.

Mike SP

On this day…

1812 Prime Minister Spencer Perceval is assassinated by John Bellingham in the lobby of the House of Commons , London

1820 – Launch of HMS Beagle , the ship that took young Charles Darwin on his scientific voyage.

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