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In a week when journalists and bloggers needed medical attention for super-hyperventilation – and a week when my own brother had to make a personal statement in the Commons for his excesses, it is only fitting that my cousin Cardinal Charoni di Tempranillo should fly to London from The Vatican, on expenses, naturally,  to exorcise the evil spirits  possessing the very minds and souls of many of our MPs.

I have just been on the telephone to NHS Direct and they have advised me to lay off the expenses issue for 24 hours.If you are so inclined toscroll down to read at your leisure the past blog posts.

It is the eve of another milestone in my increasingly surreal life. Tomorrow I am 56.  One would have thought, at this age, that I would be better served preparing my soul for the eventual journey across the River Styx and not fritter it away on twitter or by blogging nonsense. However…. having reached this age without a visit from my mate The Reaper, a matter of professional courtesy, I have decided that I shall devote the rest of my life to a mix of vaguely sensible comment which, to use the language of Parliament, I shall do in another place, and step up my efforts to parody the events of our times as best I can on here.

The wine reviewing is coming on a treat.  I have consumed nine bottles for review, carefully noting down the details of my thoughts on each wine before I got pissed (Not for me the barbaric habit of spitting wine out) and I shall soon publish my first column on LawandMore and on here.  I was exercising what is left of my  mind last night about a title for my column.  Legless in Gaza, a pun on Eyeless in Gaza and not some tasteless gag, didn’t seem to work so I invited ideas from fellow twitterers. Quick as a flash @Scottgreenfield, who happened to be on twitter at the time looking for law firm marketers,  made some comment about reviewing and used the phrase ‘Noble Rot’. This appealed.  A lot of other people have used the term but.. what the hell.  I like ‘Noble Rot’ , or pourriture noble , as we say in West London.   I shall give you a sneak preview of the artwork I am currently working on to accompany the column.  Ti’s but at the idea stage – I will use a different, less conventional, image.

I make it clear, as I have done to the PR companies who send me all this wine for review, that while I am an oenophile, I would not use that word to describe myself.. I am not a master of wine. I am a master drinker of wine as many are, I suspect, who read this blog.  I drink a lot of  it and while frequency does not always bring wisdom,  at least I can have a laugh doing reviews and give my thoughts on the wines I am drinking. I also thought that Noble Rot is rather a good term for a lot of the nonsense I serve up on here… you may well agree with the ‘rot’ aspect.

SMOKEDO: The search for his body continues…

I am pleased to report that I am now in my fifth week of Smokedo: Smoke yourself fit with Charon. As my mantra is ‘nothing in moderation’, I have  become obsessed with this latest craze of mine.  I have a rowing machine.  I have 20kg dumbells.  I am getting a bicycle.  I even visited a sports shop and started eyeing up lycra figure hugging tops.  It was then that I realised that I may be losing the plot.  I have, however, trimmed down – ironically putting on weight, because muscle is heavier than flab. Another bizarre side effect is –  I cannot, now, have a cigarette anywhere without suddenly doing press-ups or squats.  I even thought about taking a 5Kg dumbell with me in my Drizabone coat pocket,   should I have to go away from my lair.  I am still reserving the right to do this should I be minded so to do.  I am thoroughly enjoying it – the endorphins are fantastic.. and free!

I would like to stress that I am not going for the peanut sized head on huge shoulders and Conan look.  Just to be trimmer and a bit fitter. But… you never know….

Well.. t’is a Saturday night… I’m almost certain the bottle I have just opened gasped with pleasure as I drew the cork… and I am going to drink it.. a piu tarde.

Best as always


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Lawcast 135: Venkat Balasubramani, a US lawyer on Spam, social media and privacy issues.

Today I am talking to Venkat Balasubramani, a US lawyers who specialises in the internt sector, IT and Intellectual Property law. He is an enthusiastic social user of Twitter and writes the Spamnotes blog

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