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It is Towel Day on Monday 25th in memory of Douglas Adams and his timeless classic Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  I met him briefly in the early eighties – his wife, Jane, was a good friend of mine – a barrister and a very good law teacher.  So… I have no difficulty at all in supporting this worthy memorial.  CyberLaw Central is hosting Blawg Review on that day – and it will, I am sure, be a good one!

If you are a blogger – get your pics with towels over to CyberLaw Central.  If you aren’t a blogger but would like to send me your towel pic… I’ll put them up on my blog for the edification of the known universe.   I do apologise for my pic – I had had a few the night before and ‘just out of the shower’ is not one of my best angles. This is why I do AUDIO podcasts and not vids.

Email pics to me?

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22nd May: Insite Law news up

News, law reports and comment up on Insite Law.

I am particularly interested in hearing from practitioners, academics and students on the issues raised in Two Tribes go to War below.  Please add your thoughts if you have time / inclination.

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