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24th May: Postcard from Belmarsh

I write to you this Bank Holiday weekend from HMP Belmarsh where I have been on a private fact finding mission to see if they have enough places to accommodate delinquent MPs who have overdone the expenses bit.  Thankfully, because of Jack ”The Lad Chancellor’ Straw’s obsession with banging people up we do appear to have sufficient and  appropriate accommodation should MPs be charged, convicted and jailed for their Green Book abuses.

I didn’t even buy a bathplug, says London Mayor Boris, who somehow racked up maximum expenses and The Independent headlines today…

Brown calls Blair in to No 10 for secret talks as crisis mounts

Apparently, the prime mentalist is going to come up with a national plan for Britain.  Unfortunately, as Gordon will be the author of this plan, it is unlikely to include post traumatic stress disorder treatment on losing his job as PM.

The trouble with the MPs overdoing the expenses issue is that people start to say that The Telegraph drip feed of revelations week after week is undermining democracy.  It also gives the senior British godbotherers, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, a chance to give their possibly unwelcome contribution to the hard political debate.  On reflection, I do not think commentators are right when they say that faith in democracy is being undermined.  The British may not be the most politically interested people on earth, but they are well able to exercise their right to vote when their passions are roused.  Democracy is not being undermined… we just need a few new MPs… well maybe quite a lot of MPs …  to replace those who are being sacked, or  standing down  and those who may well find themselves making mailbags or crushing rocks when PC Plod comes calling.

The Palace has been in the news – first with news that BNP leader, Nick Griffin, is going to the garden party as a guest of a BNP councillor and, secondly, with news that a Palace chauffeur has been suspended who allegedly gave undercover reporters access to sensitive areas of the building.’ (BBC)

The Godbotherers are calling for people to think carefully about voting in the 4th June elections and warning people not to be driven into the hands of the BNP – a totally ludicrous bunch of rather ineffectual bigots who are, clearly, unable to run a leaflet campaign, let alone a country. Finkelstein of The Times has the story… “BNP voters don’t exist and their leaflet is a lie” … Onanists.

On a European election campaign poster, the BNP has used an image of Jesus suggesting that he would vote for the party. Leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg said the church should stay out of politics. I tend to agree.  Frankly, the sooner we move towards formal secularism in our state the better off we will be.  If, then, people wish to worship something that does / does not / may exist – let them – but at least religion (of any type)  will no longer be an insidious influence on the political decision making of this country.  Alistair Campbell was right to intervene when Blair was in power to say ‘We don’t do God’.

When two tribes go to war…

My intentionally provocative post about a possible future for the legal profession has attracted some fascinating comments.  They are worth reading.  If you have time and the inclination, I would welcome your contribution to the debate.

Tonight, I shall be drinking some fine wine – for my first and second wine column Charon’s Noble Rot.  I shall also, inevitably, be on Twitter with other denizens of twitterworld.  T’is amusing and if they are about you may care to join me / us?

I have purchased a graphics tablet… let me introduce you to Charles… a Northern barrister with attitude… the Freddie Truman of the Northern Circuit… he will be bowling fast and at you… (PS… this is just prototype…based on a drawing I found –  to get used to the tablet.. the next version will be the real thing… maybe! )

Off to enjoy a bit of sun… and do a bit of Smokedo… laters…

Best, as always


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