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The graphics tablet I purchased t’other day continues to provide me with yet more opportunities to waste industrial amounts of time… but as I have now got bored with the drip feed of revelations by The Telegraph (unless something truly spectacular comes up on this front) I end my coverage of MP expenses with the CQC-artoon above and move on to other things…

Should you not be satiated beyond hyperventilation and schadenfreude orgasm…  I have collated my observations, caption pics et al here:

MP expenses and other political matters in the last two weeks He’s Ducked | The end of the beginning.. the beginning of the end? | Is there a danger that democracy is being undermined? | Podcast with Tom Harris MP on expenses and other matters (including twitter) | A Parliament of Crooks? | 16th May Postcard: The Exorcist returns to The House | A personal Statement from Rex Charon MP | Podcast with Carl Gardner on MP Expenses – The potential criminal offences | It’s a Moat point | It’s a dog’s life… but someone has to pay for it | Until the going down of the sun… we shall remember them | 9-10th May Postcard from John Lewis | Milking a cow is a bit like milking expenses |

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Fairly busy writing Blawg Review #214 for Monday 1st June… It may be that I have lost the plot because it appears to be over 12 feet long already… an anaconda of a Blawg Review… well there we are, but at least it is comprehensive …I even manage to get @Geeklawyer in despite the fact that he managed to leave me and a host of others outwhen he hosted Blawg Review – Prince of Darkness edition.

The Telegraph continues to reveal tales of woe about MP expenses, the latest furore being that Cabinet Ministers and up to 30 MPs have claimed tax advice on expenses.  The Inland Revenue is now investigating these expenses as expenses incurred in complying with tax laws are not deductaible, apparently…. so there may be a few more cheques for the politicans to write. I can’t be bothered to give The Telegraph any more links – so here is the story from The Independent.


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