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The country is in recession, the pound is falling, the bull run on the market since March has ground to a temporary halt, Lord Mandelson is running the country through a battered and shattered prime minister and…  what are the Honourable members arguing about?

Let me tell you… they are arguing about whether there is a conflict of interest for Sir Alan Sugar to continue entertaining millions through The Apprentice and go to the Lords as Enterprise Tsar. See: The Independent Story

Sir Alan Sugar donates his fee for The Apprentice to Great Ormond Street hospital, I understand.  He won’t be paid for his work as Enterprise Tsar;  which he regards as helping the country rather than being overtly political.  He may vote Labour – good on him.  I do, so do countless others.

The appropriately named Shadow culture, media and sport secretary, Jeremy Hunt,  questioned how Sir Alan could combine the two jobs after his appointment in Gordon Brown’s emergency reshuffle on Friday…..

For heaven’s sake (whatever you wish it to mean) … get on with trying to run the country, sort out the expenses mess.. ditch or don’t ditch the PM,  and stop serving your own interests and worrying about your seats.  An election will come in 2010.  That is a good year away.  Are we going to have to watch  MPs of all persuasions posture, steer for position to save or improve their necks while the country goes even further downhill?   Some of the people in this country voted for the BNP.  Maybe, just maybe,  these BNP elected MEPs would not have been elected if MPs had been serving the country rather than their own personal and political interests…


The duck don’t care if Sugar does The Apprentice and is Enterprise Tsar – although he is  baffled as to why Sugar should want to go to the Lords… Sir Alan has a far better ring to it than Lord Sugar.

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You may like to read this article from The Guardian about Mr Brons… BNP MEP

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Sorry… no room at the inn…

Law firms the world over are in recession, partners are worrying about their profits, they are cutting back on the head count – perhaps for ever on  the recruitment rates we have have seen over the last ten years of bull run.

Law firms in the City are asking trainees to defer training contracts.  Associates are not being taken on to the roster when their contracts are completed.  Jordan Furlong of Law21.ca has a fascinating article in Slaw.ca.  It is of universal application.  If you are a young lawyer – or planning to become a lawyer – you really should read this.  If you are a managing partner and haven’t worked out all the angles, you will also find this article of interest.

If you are running a law school – or are employed by one – this is an uncomfortable read.  I have been expressing similar views for some time… but hey… what do I know?   Jordan Furlong is a man who knows.

Read: Jordan Furlong, The canary in our coal mine

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