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BBC: Hazel Blears apologises as she faces vote of no confidence

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His Excellency Baron Mandelson of Foy etc etc etc, First High Lord Protector of The United Kingdom,  has left Gordon Brown to open a few village fetes while he makes a state visit to Europe to indicate that the government’s position on the Euro is open.  Some say that Mandelbrot did not need to take a plane to Brussels, thereby saving on expenses… he merely transubstantiated and relocated – as he does, they say, at will.

Before he left to tell Europe what Britain’s plans are, His Almightiness  developed a new logo to put, like an imprimature, on all documents approved by him….

Tom Harris MP tipped his followers on Twitter off to a squabble about the new logo.  It is in the FT, rather than an amusingly insane political blog, so it may have some ‘traction’ – a word being used increasingly by politicians, but abandoned by PR Schmoozers and bloggers some time ago!

Whether His Imperial Highness is or is not running the country while Gordon Brown stalks the corridors of Downing St chucking his Nokia about… I don’t care.  You have to hand it  to the guy.. he just keeps coming back and has had more resurrections than any deity on earth.  If he can do the business for the Labour Party and get the country out of the present mess … I don’t care if they make him President of Europe…  for Life

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Guido Fawkes has a list of all the unelected Lords and Ladies who are working for Mr Brown and who owe no duty of loyalty to anyone except him. – 20 of them, would you believe! Astonishing that he doesn’t seem to have enough people in his own benches in the Commons  to run the government… that must be very pleasing for his own MPs.

And… why do grown men and women get off on titles in the 21st Century? Just asking…

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Lawcast 140: Testing for drug and alcohol abuse

In recent weeks I have read of employers testing employees for drug and alcohol use and abuse as a means of selecting them for redundancy. Drug testing in sport has been with us for years and now, also, is drug testing becoming fairly routine in the City and commercial sector. Drug and alcohol abuse testing in Family Law and Child Law cases is also increasing.

Today I am talking to Rod Carillo from Trimega Laboratories about the services which Trimega Laboratories provide….

Listen to the podcast

Podcast version for iTunes

Trimega Laboratories website

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12th June: News up on Insite Law

12th June: News up on Insite Law

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