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Hat Tip to John Bolch at Family Lore – Host of Blawg Review #216 on 15th June (tomorrow) for alerting me to this…

QI: Fact of the Day

The official title of Francois ‘Papa Doc’ Duvalier, dictator of Haiti (1957-71) was “President for Life, Maximum Chief of the Revolution, Apostle of National Unity, Benefactor of the Poor, Patron of Commerce and Industry and Electrifier of Souls”

Lord Mandelson… you need to up you game on the titles, mate… an ‘electrifier of souls’ ?

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Sunday nights are curious things.  I used to worry about what was happening on the Monday, but gave that up years ago on the premise that there was no point in worrying about Monday until Monday arrived.  If there was something to worry about on Monday, that could not be dealt with on the Sunday night because I didn’t know about it, I couldn’t really see the point of worrying about it on the Sunday… if you get my drift.  This is a principle I apply to other aspects of my life, including my own eventual trip across the River Styx.

Above is Jock – talking a lot of sense about Scotland and Independence. I found it on Tom Harris MP’s blog which is always worth a visit even if you aren’t a fanatic for politics. Have a look at the film – particularly if you are Scots!

And then we have the law schools of England & Wales who will, soon, be deciding their fees for next year 2010 intake. The 2009 fees are already fixed and some are as high as 10% higher than the year before.  I wrote about this earlier in the year: Greed is Good?

Are we going to see BPP charging even higher fees now that they have bought by the Americans?  I don’t know.  I suspect so, but I will ask Peter Crisp, the CEO of BPP Law School, when I do a podcast with him on Tuesday.

So… where are we going to get the Police to probe the MP expense frauds from?

It seems that 300 officers (1 in 11 from the Met counter terror and serious crime squads) are being investigated for possible fraud on their Amex cards.

The thought of senior Plod fishing while dressed in women’s clothing while doing covert surveillance on a suspect  is a pretty surreal one, but it appears that one officer purchased a fishing rod and items of women’s clothing with his Police issue Amex card – for use to cover police expenses.

The Guardian has the full story…

Predictably the “it beggars belief” cliche comes up with the Guardian quoting some Green Party member as saying… “”It beggars belief that our police, who are supposed to be solving crime, are suspected of fraud on a grand scale.”…

Well.. there we are… Britain in 2009.

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