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Anonymity should be a blogger’s right

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You may like to look at these posts by political bloggers who are none too keen on Mr Foster… sauce for the goose and gander?

1.  Old Holborn

2. The People’s Republic of Mortimer

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Hat Tip to Bendy Girl for alerting me to this when I read her blog:

The British Legion has written to the leader of Britain’s most ludicrous and unpleasant Party (I am allowed to express my bias in this country for, thankfully, we are not yet ruled by fascists) to STOP WEARING THE POPPY AS A POLITICAL STATEMENT.

Please take a minute to read their open letter. I’m a fan of The British Legion – most people are…

Here is the start of their letter… please read the rest by clicking here:

“Dear Mr Griffin,

We couldn’t help but notice that there was egg on your face (and on your suit jacket) on the day after you were elected MEP for North West England.

Please don’t leave egg on ours.

You wore a Poppy lapel badge during your news conference to celebrate your election victory. This was in direct contravention of our polite request that you refrain from politicising one of the nation’s most treasured and beloved symbols….”


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The acquisition of BPP by Apollo – and what it will mean for legal education

BPP Law School backs £300m takeover by US bidder
Legal Week: “The parent company of top UK law school BPP has accepted a £303.5m takeover offer from a US education provider in a move that will be closely watched by the legal profession.BPP Holdings today (8 June) made an announcement on the London Stock Exchange that the all-cash offer by Apollo Global worth 620p per share – a premium on Friday’s closing price of 567p – had been agreed by the board of BPP, subject to a shareholder vote….

I have done two podcasts to get an insight into this development.

Lawcast 142: Peter Crisp, CEO of BPP Law School on the acquisition of BPP PLC by Apollo

Legal Week reported last week on the acquisition of BPP (and this includes BPP Law School) by Apollo, an American company. I interviewed the Chief Executive of the College of Law, Nigel Savage, for his reaction and today I am talking to the Chief Executive of BPP law School, Peter Crisp, for his reaction.

Listen to the podcast

Podcast version for iTunes

Lawcast 139: Nigel Savage, CEO, College of Law on the acquisition of BPP by Apollo

Listen to the podcast


See also Charon post and comments section: BPP Law School backs £300m takeover by US bidder (1)

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