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We have had the House of Lords judgment on control orders – I did a podcast on the topic with Carl Gardner – and next week I am doing a podcast with Diane Abbott MP about her secret evidence campaign.  Tomorrow I am doing a podcast with Babybarista about his book and Tim Kevan (BabyBarista author), in his other guise as a barrister about the the decision of the Court of Appeal to allow the first criminal trial without a jury in 400 years to proceed.

Juries have long departed from the civil scene and, of course, are not present in Magistrate Court trials. Criminal lawyers tell me that the Jury is an important institution.  Others say that Jury trials are outmoded and unreliable.

Now that the there aren’t any newspaper stories about High Court judges sitting as jurors and the middle classes are, they say, managing to avoid jury service;  we are left with the prospect that some jurors have intelligence levels more suited to watching daytime television or  being in the dock rather than on the jury and that a defendant may as well be tried by a baked potato or a cauliflower cheese.

We shall find out what the gen on the street is tomorrow….

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19th June: News up on Insite Law

19th June: News up on Insite Law

Stop and search: white people held ‘to balance racial statistics’
Independent: Terror watchdog accuses police of intervening without evidence

BabyBarista: A sad day

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