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Lawcast 146: Jane Lambert, Barrister, on the issues facing the Bar today

Today I am talking to Jane Lambert, a barrister who specialises in Intellectual property law. Jane attended by telephone the special Bar Council consultation on 26 June 2009, took some fairly detailed notes and contributed to the debate.

The Bar, as with the solicitors side of the profession, is experiencing the rigour of the most severe recession since World War II and now has to contend with a changing legal landscape with the advent of alternative business structures and other changes following the coming into force of the Legal Services Act. It would appear that the Bar may still be behind the curve on these changes…

Listen to the podcast

(I have recompressed the file – so the sound is much improved from the first version – apologies!)

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Jane Lambert NIPC Law IT/IP blog


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Blawg Review #219

Blawg Review #219
Cathy Gellis has produced a Huey Lewis and The News themed Blawg Review of epic proportions. She does note, however, that it is not quite as long as my absurdly long review a few weeks ago. I like it. I use the present tense because I am still reading it. It is quite possible that I may be doing so for some time. It’s a good review – with good links to UK law Blogs and gives a very good picture of what happened in the blogosphere last week. Do read it. You can dip in when the mood suits you – which adds to the pleasure of the review.

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