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Nick Jarrett-Kerr: Radical Proactivity: A five point plan

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Lawcast 147: Nick Jarrett-Kerr’s five point plan on Radical Proactivity for law firms in the present recession

Today I am to talking to Nick Jarrett-Kerr, a former managing partner of Bevan Ashford and more recently a leading management consultant and author on law firm management and development. Nick Jarret-Kerr now practises as a management consultant through his own firm Jarrett-Kerr Consulting.

I quote from a recent newsletter Nick sent out to clients…In many countries, law firms are noticing some flickering lights at the end of the tunnel. Relieved by the hope of better things to come, the instinctive reaction of law firm leaders is still to remain in defensive mode until they have experienced a few better quarters of trading activity.

We discuss the five point plan for Radical Proactivity:

1. Remodel the firm’s infrastructure and platform
2. Rebuild Esprit de Corp
3. Cross-selling revisited – the ‘carrot and stick’ approach
4. Revitalise your core teams
5. Make a radical strategic move

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