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I happened to be on Twitter exchanging tweets with @ntheowl who was complaining about having to do a book review.  I suggested that he use Sir Maurice Bowra’s famous aphorism which I paraphrase…“Be sure… I shall lose no time at all in doing so” when asked to review a colleague’s latest work.  @ntheowl responded with…‘I cannot begin to say how useful this book is …’

This prompted me to look up Sir  Maurice Bowra in Wikipedia.  He was known for his wit…. I particularly like this aphorism which resonates with “Englishness”… “Buggery was invented to fill that awkward hour between evensong and cocktails.”

and also… “”My dear, in Oxford I am known by my face”, (allegedly after being caught skinny-dipping in the River Cherwell and placing his hands over his face rather than his privates)” . Sir  Maurice Bowra served as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford from 1951 to 1954.

Yes… Twitter can be most useful.


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Charon after a glass…

We live in interesting and unusual times. Since the 6th October 2008 I have been doing the occasional *picture caption* or cartoon observing the events of the day. It is whimsy, nothing more. More often than not the picture captions go with a blog post, sometimes not. Have a look at some of the caption pics / cartoons

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I always enjoy watching The Rocky Horror Show and listening to the many great songs.  I have even dressed up in a morning court tailcoat, fishnet tights, boxer shorts and brogues to attend a production of The Rocky Horror Show at a London theatre some years ago.  It was curious to have the denizens of The Groucho Club sniffing, not because of the stuff going up noses, but because we were somewhat weirdly dressed with me in my kit, a female friend dressed as Magenta and a doctor friend of mine as Frankenfurter himself.

Change, in the form of opportunity and threat from The Legal Services Act 2007, is coming.  Some entrepreneurial lawyers will see it as an opportunity, others will not and some may well not have a clue what is even in the Acxt.  Will The Bar jump to the left and stay with the time warp or to the right and take fresh opportunity?  I suspect we will know the answer soon enough in the Autumn when the learned friends return from the long vacation.

But enough of that… what about the news from the News of The World,  staple of my Sunday reading along with a few hours reading The Observer?

As if the Queen hasn’t had enough lunatic antics in her family over the years, The News of The World reveals today that Prince William’s girlfriend (and soon to be wife?), has a colourful uncle.  NOTW revealed today that Uncle Gary is a bit of a nutter with a penchant for spliffs, cocaine and hookers.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, of course.  Regular readers of blogs and Twitter will know that fellow blogger and Twitter Geeklawyer has a penchant for roughly the same thing…in fact, when I saw the headline I wandered if Geeklawyer was Kate Middleton’s uncle until I saw the picture.  Geeklawyer, I can report, is BUFF and, of course, very much younger than Uncle ‘Gazza’.

Yesterday evening I was having a smoke and a glass of wine at a local pub.  It was raining slightly and very windy but this did not stop play.  I continued to smoke, as did a group dressed up as pirates, outside.  A local wandered by with a great T-shirt… with the legend ” I haven’t got Tourettes… you  are a C**T”

Well… it would seem that the future Duke of Slough as Uncle Gazza described himself to NOTW undercover reporters, has a penchant for the same humour… the pic to the right explains all.   Let us just hope, if William and Kate do get married, that the Palace Guards don’t hear The Queen saying of Uncle Gazza …”He’s orf his head” …for…”Orf with his head”.

This, and stories about Amy Wino having a £6 million demand for money for her ex-jailbird loser husband and Jordan saying that she’s do a Madonna and adopt children, make Britain what it is… a marvellously eccentric country in which to live.

And..there is the CRICKET, of course. It is the 4th day of the Test at Lords where the England team has  not beaten the has not beaten the Aussies on the hallowed turf since 1934.  We are adept at snatching defeat from the jaws of Victory… but thus far it is looking good. And… as I write Ponting has just gone 78-3… we are in with a chance!

I enjoy watching Test cricket – a game that can cause friends of mine to pass out in front of me when I start talking about it; a game that mistifies go getting US lawyers who just cannot handle the idea that a game could last for five days without a result! It is the sporting equivalent of Chess – and a pleasure to watch… Time to crack open a bottle and watch an afternoon of great cricketing action.  Back later….

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