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I have no idea what the Sprite PR execs smoke or drink – but this is just surreal, funny and slightly mad.  And Brit TV thinks it is cool? Good for Germany…. it is not office safe – it is sexual but not porn… unless you happen to be very straight and serious.  It made me laugh… maybe I am on Twitter too much?

The original YouTube link went 404- copyright assertion?

so here is Obnoxio the Clown’s link – which does seem to work!

Watch the video.

Hat Tip to @geeklawyer and @Special_Noodles for the link…. who else?


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It was a most enjoyable Test match; cricket where both teams played some interesting cricket.  To be fair to Australia, they were the  victim of some unfortunate decisions – but that, until new technology referral rules come in, is part of the game… or the rub of the green as the pundits told us endlessly.

The drought of wins against Australia at Lords since 1934 has ended, Freddie Flintoff pulled a 5 wicket haul (getting onto the boards at Lords both as a batsman for a Test 100 and for 5 wickets as a bowler) – a fitting end to his last test match at Lords.  On to Edgbaston.  England have done well there and 1-0 up is a happier position that 0-2 down.

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Blawg Review comes from California this week – the land of the nuts and the fruits as Professor John Warwick Montgomery ( a US lawyer and also an English barrister)  used to delight in telling me.  John was from Orange County.  This may explain a lot.

It is a good Blawg review – elegantly written, using american English, of course.  The author reminds me to sharpen my writing up!

By the way, Charon QC, it’s “organization,” not “organisation.” Just thought I’d tweak your English a bit. It seems to have stopped evolving a few centuries back, after all the Americans left. Although I concede that I prefer your punctuation rules for quotation marks.  Lay on, McDuff.

The Complex Litigator has produced a very thorough review of the legal blogging world – with some fascinating insights into Sotomayor and the legal world in the States.  Hat Tip for giving good ocerage to some well known UK blawgs as well – that is always appreciated. I enjoyed it… all of it… it is almost as long as one of my Blawg Reviews… Cathy Gellis produced a long Blawg  Review a few weeks back and The Complex Litigator has done the business. Maybe I should go to california?

Thanks for the mention as ‘that blawger from the UK who takes a bit too much delight in his smokedo, and his consumption of alcohol in its many forms,’


Read Blawg Review #221

PS: ED of Blawg Review writes to ask what ‘ocerage’ is…as in Hat Tip for giving good ocerage to some well known UK Blawgs.  ‘Ocerage’ is, of course, a Norse word for ‘giving it a bit of welly ‘ which we understand in the 21st Century to be a shout out or, in motorbike terms… going for a fast blat with the throttle full on.  Language is a complex beast and we are all the richer for it…. it would appear, also, that I may have fat fingers.  I certainly can’t claim to have been pissed when I wrote the above.  At 10.00 am – that would just be inelegant.  I would not like our american friends to think they, and they alone, have the monopoly on coming up with good words and phrases.

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Coming soon….

Coming up…
I have a new blog with US lawyer Colin Samuels (Unsilent Partners) where we look at topical legal issues from a UK and US perspective. Last week we write about assisted suicide and next week we plan to look at the US Supreme Court and our new Supreme Court contrasting the two. Lord Falconer, the former Lord Chancellor,  knows a great deal about both these topics and I will be doing a podcaast with him on Tuesday 28th July to discuss his amendment to the Suicide Act and his thoughts on the new UK Supreme Court.

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20th July: News and updates to reports/blogs up on Insite Law

Have turkeys ever voted for Christmas?

Peers line up to block House of Lords reforms
Independent: Only 9 per cent would support plan for fully elected second chamber

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