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The BBC reports today: “Gordon Brown has said the UK has enough helicopters for an offensive in Helmand – and said lives lost during the past month were not due to a shortage.”

The Prime Minister stated:

“For the operation we are doing at the moment we have the helicopters that we need,”


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Lawcast 148: Charles Christian, Editor, The Legal Technology Insider on the future for technology in law

Today I am talking to Charles Christian founder and Editor of The Legal Technology Insider and the Orange Rag, an online blog the Insider. Charles won’t, I am sure, mind my saying that he has been on the scene for a long time and it is fair to say that The Times description and I quote… “the definitive online resource for the latest news about legal technology” is spot on.

Why Charles Christian set up The Legal Technology Insider – The use of technology in the legal profession in the past 10 years – The impact of recession on the use of technology – the future for entrepreneurial barristers and solicitors – A kook into the future for technology in the legal profesion – The value and use of social media (Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin) for lawyers.

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22nd July: news update on Insite Law

Baron ‘Sugarpuff’ takes his seat in the Lords
BBC: Businessman Sir Alan Sugar has taken his seat in the House of Lords as Baron Sugar of Clapton. The tycoon and star of the BBC TV series The Apprentice was ennobled by Gordon Brown last month and handed the advisory post of enterprise tsar. The Tories say he cannot work for the BBC and government at the same time, saying he must choose between them. Lord Sugar, who will take the Labour whip in the Lords, says his role is to advise firms through the recession.

Woman ‘detained’ for filming police search launches high court challenge
Guardian: Gemma Atkinson claims she was handcuffed after recording search of boyfriend on her mobile phone.

22nd July: news update on Insite Law

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