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Lawcast 149: Carl Gardner on the new UK Supreme Court and the issue of Law Officer’s advice to the government

Today I am talking to Carl Gardner a former government lawyer and author of the Head of Legal blog about the new Supreme Court and the recent decision of Mr Justice Blake in HM Treasury v The Information Commissioner about the extent to which the law officers advice can be made public or discoverable under the freedom of Information Act.

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Head of Legal Blog: Law Officer’s advice

HM Treasury v The Information Commissioner [2009]


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We thought this week  on Unsilent Partners that it would be interesting to look at the United States Supreme Court and contrast with a quick review of the new United Kingdom Supreme Court which opens for business in October.

Colin Samuels has written the section on the United States.  I plan to publish an overview of the UK Supreme Court shortly and I am doing two podcasts to supplement our coverage – first with Carl Gardner, author of the Head of Legal Blog and a former government lawyer and, second, with Lord Falconer, the former Lord Chancellor, who introduced the legislation to establish the new UK Supreme Court. The podcasts will be completed by Tuesday 28th July.

Unsilent Partners: The Supreme Court: Contrasting themes US and UK

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23rd July: Law News…

From today on Insite Law  – all the law specific news from the main newspapers will be available directly in RSS feed format from a new Insite Law RSS news feed blog – in the panel below and on the news page.. I am putting together a news page to provide news feeds for Legal Week, The Law Society Gazette and Current Awareness from the Inner Temple. When you click a headline in the news feed widgets you will be taken straight to the news source and be able to read the news report in full.

Click here for the main news page resource

If you wish to check back for news you may have missed, you will be able to do so by visiting the Insite Law News feed blog. This will, in time, grow into a useful, searchable, news link resource should you ever have to check back on old legal news.  I should have completed this work by the end of the day.

Visit Insite Law and the new News page?

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