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27th July… Silly Week?

Although readers may not notice any change in substance on my blog, I am quite happy at James Higham’s suggestion to promote and support  Man in a Sheds ‘Silly Week’ . James Higham writes an excellent blog –  Nourishing Obscurity –  and is often to be found posting on blkogs as the mood takes him – which is often.  Support Man in a Shed’s Silly Week on your blog?

I thought I would kick off with an observation.  I was watching ‘Cromwell’ the Hollwood blockbuster where Richard Harris got to look saturnine as Cromwell and Alec Guinness played Charles 1 better than Charles I may well have done – right up to my favourite bit (I am a mild republican) where they did the Chop-Chop business.

My contribution to the start of ‘Silly Week’ is this ‘tweet’ – done last night as I was a bottle into the proceedings… it shows.

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