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Lawcast 150: US lawyer Dan Hull of Whataboutclients? on anonymity and blogging.

Today, in my 150th podcast, I am talking to US Lawyer, fellow blogger and friend Dan Hull, co-founder with Julie McGuire of Hull Mcguire PC and founder of the WhatAboutClients? Blog which on Saturdays turns into the WhatAboutParis blog.

Dan and some other leading US law bloggers have had it with anonymity and they are refusing to publish comments unless you stand up to the plate using a real first name, real second name and a verifiable email address.

It is fair to say that Dan Hull, Rob Bodine and Holden Oliver from Whataboutclients?  started the ball rolling on this anonymity issue on the other side of the Atlantic – and his thoughts are being adopted and developed by others. He believes the legal internet (and wider internet) needs a few rules – non-anonymous blogging being one of them… subject to exceptions.

Mark Bennett from Texas, author of Defending People who did a podcast with me some time ago has already intitiated this policy…WhatAboutClients? notes… Texans are quirky Americans. Internet handles like Law Gringo, Smokestack Lightning and Young Cardozo Speaks won’t cut it with them. We also look at the recession in the US/UK, and the issue of blogging generally. Geeklawyer, Scottgreenfield, Mark Bennett and a few other blogging luminaries are mentioned!

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(It is a fairly long podcast – you may want to have an ‘interlude’!

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