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I do like a bit of irony… and in the wake of my podcast with Dan Hull of Whataboutclients? only last Saturday where Dan put forward his very strong views that bloggers and those who comment on blogs should identify themselves and not hide behind a cloak of anonymity – there is a certain delicious irony and schadenfreude (for anonymous bloggers?) in finding, only a day later,  that our best known blog commenter, the lovely LawMinx,  awarded Dan one of her LawMinx blog awards. (I got one as well – and while I usually like to give awards to myself I was very pleased to receive it.)

The news today that Avon and Somerset Police force is issuing its female officers with head coverings to be used in places of worship to improve relations with Muslim communities (Independent) prompted, I’m afraid, rather dark thoughts about all forms of religion, about the stated purpose of Jihadists to not rest until the whole world knuckled under to Islam and even darker thoughts about moving to France where they have an extremely sensible attitude to SECULARISM.  I have been reading the work of Christopher Hitchens but I shall resist the temptation to write a peroration on the theme of atheism and the ills religion has caused the world in the last 2000 years.

So… I had a glass of Rioja and came up with the perfectly reasonable thought that if various communities, muslim, ethnic, Northern, Souther, Scots, Irish,  lagerlouts, clubbers etc etc etc, wanted better relations with the Police then it might be an idea for some of those community elders or parents of those who commit offences to tell their offspring to commit less crimes and show a bit of respect for the community and country we live in .  It was at this point that I went into the bedroom, opened the cupboard and was relieved to see that a Blazer and cravats had not appeared, as if by magic,  and that I had not joined a golf club.

Back later….


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Insite Law – major upgrade

I have almost completed the structural upgrade to Insite Law. Each weekday morning, and once over the weekend, Insite Law will be updated with editorial, Editor’s pick and all the important latest legal news from The Times, Telegraph, Independent,  Guardian, Ministry of Justice, Bar Council and The Law Society. the Law reports will also be updated daily.

The ICLR does not have an RSS feed – so I have created a website specifically for ICLR / WLR summaries and these will link to each summary as they are published by the ICLR.

Law Reports: I have collated RSS feeds from all the major free law reports and summaries covering cases from The House of Lords, Court of Appeal (Civil and Criminal) and all divisions of the High Court. These may be found here

I have created two new websites to serve up daily legal news and news from the Bar Council and The Law Society.

There are also news feeds from the Law Society Gazette and Legal Week on the Insite Law news page.

This – hopefully, will make it fairly easy for you to keep abreast of developments in news, law reports and the blogs in one easy stop.

Law books: And you can even buy the latest law books stocked by Wildy & Sons who sponsor Insite Law.  There is a new RSS feed to take you direct to their website.

All these resources are accessible through the Insite Law Homepage

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The Times: Dinghy sailors and canoeists to be subject to shipping laws

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Blawg Review #222 – from the IP Think Tank in Australia

This week the Intellectual Property mavens get their teeth into the latest blog posts from around the world.  IP Think Tank are based in Melbourne, Australia…..

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27 July: News up on Insite Law

News is up on Insite Law

The news is up in RSS feed format on Insite Law. There is also a searchable news blog which provides the feeds of headlines and a brief summary.  The links, of course, go to the full news report from the Insite news blog archive.

I have also built a widget to feed the ICLR Weekly Law Report cases directly to the right hand panel on the front page of Insite.  Again, there is a searchable blog archive.  The RSS feed provides the area of law, name of the case, date and the cases blog archive gives the summary.  The link on the law reports blog archive is searchable and the link takes you to the ICLR daily summary.

Law Minx: Thanks For Doing a LOVELY Job: The First Annual Minx Blawggies………
Law Minx has been handing out the prizes… (Charon QC got one!)

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