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Blawg Review #223, Sphincter Rules
Simple Justice

Scott Greenfield is a serious writer, US criminal defense lawyer and blogger and in this Blawg Review he runs riot.

“Today was not my day to do Blawg Review.  Some marketing guru-type signed up for the job, and then disappeared.  What a shock.  So the anonymous Ed, being the happy guy he is, decided to stick it to me publicly , knowing how much I hate doing Blawg Review. Nice guy.”

Read Blawg Review #223

I read many of Scott’s posts – occasionally dropping by to add nothing of any value to the debate – this is a very enjoyable Blawg Review… as they say in the US… GO read it

I spent the entire weekend on my latest project – a free (fairly detailed) book on the Law of Contract, with cases linked to BAILLI reports where available and Wikipedia where not.  I plan to develop this Law of Contract project into a resource for students and practitioners who wish to keep up.  I shall monitor the legal news, law reports, journals and keep the book updated.  The first ten chapters are up and the next ten will be up by Wednesday.  It will, ineluctably, be a continuing ‘work in progress” but the book will be updated to the latest cases where relevant by Wednesday.  I also plan to record 40 free 30 minute lectures for students when time permits.  I may have to release these weekly.

Would you care to take a look at this FREE resource?

The news is up on Insite – and I shall be doing my Postcard from the “Law Library” and return to normal nonsense at the earliest opportunity today.  Too much law is just not a good thing…

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