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Heat gets to HH Judge Hardly-There QC

It was a moment of unusually high drama at the Midshire  Crown Court this afternoon when HH Judge Hardly-There QC passed sentence on a young shaven headed man with the letters H A T E tattooed on the fingers of his right hand.  The man had been convicted of assault causing grievous bodily harm; a not unusual event in the town on a Friday night.

The judge leaned forward on the bench.  His face was initially impassive but then, quite suddenly, his face became florid and he banged his hand down on the bench.

“Your case illustrates all too clearly the completely lax penal policies of this bed-wetting government and the insidous Human Rights Act brought in by Teflon Tone and his motley crew of clowns and bath dodgers.  “Tough on Crime, Tough on the causes of crime”… was Blair’s rallying cry to the chavs of modern Britain and the B&Q visiting fraternity who waste their weekends endlessly doing up dreary suburban houses and putting tasteless decking in their back yards. Well, all Blair achieved in his ten years in power was to start a war against a regime that was quite able to control militants and insurgents and that knew how to quash rebellions.  All Blair’s government has been able to achieve on law and order is to allow shaven headed scum like you to run riot, hitting law abiding members of the public and police officers,  because you aren’t even man enough to hold your drink.

People like you, and there are literally hundreds and hundreds of chavs like you, come to our beautiful towns from your Ikea furnished hovels and avail yourselves of the beautiful amenities that our middle class  burghers built in times past and you behave like thugs and vagabonds.

In the past ten years the national debt of this country has risen to extraordinary heights because idiots like you can’t resist spending money on plasma screens, your obese wives and children and tracksuits, bought on credit,  and how do you repay the society that tries to give you a sense of belonging?… I’ll tell you how… by  hitting a Police Officer who, albeit dressed in full riot gear with his shoulder boards taped over and wearing a balaclava,  sprayed you with CS gas and hit you a few times with his baton because you were behaving like a lout. I’d like to send you to a labour camp, but we don’t have any…. fortunately, there are a couple of places left in a nearby prison and you  are going down and will spend ten years in there.  Take him down.”

It is not known whether the Chief Justice has had time to refer HH Judge Hardly-There QC to the Office for Judicial Complaints – he may still be dealing with the matter of Judge Trigger who went a little overboard, according to The Times, yesterday. In the Judge Trigger case The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge, has asked the Office for Judicial Complaints to rule on whether the comments Trigger made were too political. The decision will be made jointly by Lord Judge and the Lord Chancellor, Jack Straw.

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Point of Law

Lawcast 153: With US blogger Walter Olson of Overlawyered and Point of Law

Today I am talking to Walter Olson, who is not a lawyer, but writes two influential law blogs: Overlawyered and Points of Law… Overlawyered is the oldest Law blog in the world and has been running for ten years.

These are just a few things people say about Overlawyered….

“Peerless scrutiny of legal insanity”

“Reports brightly on the amazing excesses of the litigious society”

“I recommend to the strong of heart a visit to Overlawyered.com, a website that will at once amuse, bemuse, and horrify.”

“Rarely do I see eye-to-eye with authors Walter Olson and Ted Frank, but darned if they don’t write one interesting blog.” — Robert J. Ambrogi, author, The Essential Guide to the Best (and Worst) Legal Sites on the Web

So let’s meet Walter Olson and find out what he does do and what got him into being a scourge for the legal profession… we even talk about anonymity on the web!

Listen to the podcast

Podcast version for iTunes

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Free Legal Web?

Nick Holmes, always at the forefront of innovation, started an initiative called Free Legal Web some time back.  It is a good initiative and I plan to contribute to free web resources as best I can.  I have made a start with two projects on Contract and Sale of Goods.  These will be free to view.

The model, to enable me to give this material away completely free instead of selling it as I have done a couple of years back, is to see if I can arrange sponsors and advertisers.  I don’t plan to smother the project pages with adverts – but I will certainly be open to offers from sponsors.  Wildy & Sons have been a supporter of Insite from the very beginning and they continue to support the idea by sponsoring my free resources. The model may not work – but at least I will have had some fun trying it and I need to keep my stuff up to date anyway and it may as well be out there as sitting unused in a digital box!

Coming up: Dr Peter Groves, a solicitor and author of the Ipso Jure blog is joining me in this venture and will publish his excellent materials on Intellectual Property on Insite Law.  The text runs to 250 pages and will be hyperlinked to BAILLI reports etc where these are available.

I am also going to joint-author a free  text and online resource for UK Competition Law with Peter Groves.  I will be publishing my Guide to the Consumer Credit Act 1974 within the next month – and it is likely that I will have Tort covered by Christmas.

If there are any bloggers out there who wish to self publish on a similar basis, please get in touch.  John Bolch at Family Lore is in the process of putting together a Family Law Wiki to complement his excellent blog and Family Lore Focus.

When I have stopped fiddling with new widgets and news feeds… I shall get down to writing nonsense again…. very soon.

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