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Twitter went down today… people collapsed in the streets…

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Contract recorded lawcasts

I have started to upgrade the Contract free online resources.  As I go through each Chapter I am re-writing the text, expanding it where necessary and putting in more detail from the judgments.

I have now recorded two lectures for Introduction and Intention to create legal relations.  these are fairly short 20/ 40 minutes respectively.  as I progress through the project topics the lectures will be far more detailed and discursive.  I am sober when I record these lecture casts…

If you would like to take a look at the upgraded chapters and maybe even listen… you may do here. The lecture topics may be accessed through the navigation panel to the left.

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6th August: News etc..

As I now update legal news, law reports, profession news through separate blogs set up for the purpose – which allow RSS feeds to my new widgets – the Insite Law Site tends to be updated four to five times daily as news comes in.

Editorial etc etc goes up each day when I write it.

Head of Legal has a snazzy new Head of Legal blog (and a new blog address, so you will have to change your RSS feeds if you wish to kept up to date on his new blog address )… check it out?

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