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Well… at 58-0 earlier this afternoon it looked as if there may just be an outside chance of England making a vague stab at playing cricket… but Strauss went and then Bopara and Bell came in to get out for exactly  o… zero… no runs…  each and… soon it was 82-5…. Oh Dear!

All out by 11.30 tomorrow morning?  I think it is quite likely….

At least there were some amusing Quantum Physics puns to ease the pain on BBC TMS…

“Re Ross (see below), astrophysicist on quantum mechanics. It’s the Australians who have achieved the Superposition this time.”
Kathy (Revd), Cornwall, in the TMS inbox

“Re Kathy, Cornwall, can we please stop the quantum mechanics puns, they’re becoming Bohring.”
John in the TMS inbox

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