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Fat bastardry, long visible on the streets of Britain –  especially in summer when some men decide that their four foot protuberant beer bellies look good while they are wearing a singlet (or sans singlet) and those cut off three quarter length cargo pants which should not really be worn by any man over  the age of 15 – has finally caused Alton Towers to take action.

Yahoo BREAKING NEWS… reports: Major tourist attraction Alton Towers has banned Speedos and other types of tight swimming trunks at its Staffordshire site on grounds of taste.

“While women may hail the return of the skimpy bathers, the style itself is not deemed public or family friendly, and therefore we are requesting that male swimmers wear more appropriate styles such as boardshorts.” Alton Towers Resort sales and marketing director Morwenna Angove said “We feel this small brief style is not appropriate for a family venue so we are advising male bathers to wear more protective swimwear such as shorts.”….. “We are also looking into offering complimentary male waxing, which will ensure preserve the dignity of all our guests.”

It would seem that terminal illness has also afflicted us… Yahoo is right on the curve with this latest from their news gathering service….

Brits are ‘dangerously lazy’
Many Brits are too lazy to change TV channel, walk up stairs or run for a bus, according to a new survey

Never let it be said… that I don’t bring you the real news of Britain….

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I spy with my little eye….

With the news recently that cameras fitted to Police helmets were a Health & Safety hazard (There was some talk of them going on fire, apparently) this has not diminished the government’s (and local government) taste for spying on us.  Now I accept, of course, that our security forces, when they aren’t answering questions about torturing people, have to do the business and avert terrorists (and they do this rather well – this we accept.  There haven’t been any atrocities for some years in Britain, thankfully) … BUT it does seem that this surveillance business is now being done on a bewildering scale.

The Independent reports only today…

UK public spied on ‘1,500 times a day’

“Police, councils and the intelligence services made more than 500,000 requests to access private emails and telephone records in the UK last year, according to an annual surveillance report.  The figures, compiled by the Interception of Communications Commissioner, Paul Kennedy, found that about 1,500 surveillance requests were made every day in Britain. That is the annual equivalent to one in every 78 people being targeted. It included 1,500 approved applications from local councils.”

It was only a matter of time… a very short time, I suspect, before the ‘it beggars belief mob’ popped up..and they did.. in the form of the eternal political optimists… the Lib-Dems… who can beat the England cricket team by a long mile when it comes to winning anything of substance….

The Independent, hyperventilating…possibly because of the recent heat…. reports: “The Liberal Democrats’ home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne seized on the figures, saying they “beggared belief,” warning that the UK appeared to have “sleepwalked into a surveillance state.”

I don’t know about you… but I find it all a bit creepy…. why do local authorities need these powers?  Stories are legion about jumped up officials in Town Halls up and down the country wasting public money, abusing The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 by spying on people who put their bins out early…or in an ‘improper manner’.  Are we going too far?  I think we may be.  I am, of course, not alone.  Various officials, including the Information Commissioner himself, believe we have gone too far.

Unfortunately, our politicos are rather absorbed at the moment poring over Boden catalogues for summer beachwear… or catching up on their accounting…. to be over bovvered about this at present…

I have come up with a solution…. I shall buy myself a burqa…. I can’t see anyone in government wishing to challenge the right to wear one…… can you? …

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BabyBarista hosts Blawg Review at The Times

I am neither Old or Ruined… thanks Tim!

The Fat Bigot
Sadly, the Fat Bigot has decided to stop blogging. I enjoyed FB’s sardonic and direct observations on politics, law and life. I knew him well years ago and wish him years of cigar smoking pleasure in his new chapter in life.

In his own words…. Time gentlemen please

“I think I’ve said everything I want to say, except this:  A very big and sincere thank you to all those who have taken the time to comment on my meanderings, especially those with the good sense to agree with me.  As the old song goes, it’s been great fun but it’s just one of those things.  And now to a new chapter in my life. Goodbye everyone.”

While I am grateful to BabyBarista for pointing out that I have published my Contract and Sale materials online – I would not wish people to think that the heat had got to me and that I am transmogrifying into a sensible writer… Oh no… I have contracted cyber-schizophrenia.  By day I plan to build a huge monster of free Contract, Sale, Competition Law and Tort resources with recorded lectures, case analyses, the latest news on these topics and attempt to provide a resource of interest to those who wish to keep up to date or develop their knowledge.  I am delighted to say that Dr Peter Groves, solicitor and author of Ipso Jure,  is joining this ‘project’ and he will host his substantial Intellectual Property Law materials etc on Insite and on his own blog and I have had emails from others. John Bolch continues to work night and day on his Family Law wiki and plans to put up the framework… soon. I have been contacted about Employment Law….

By night… be sure… normal service is being resumed… I shall blog until the going down of my sun… and with Smokedo working a charm… that could be many years hence.

If you would like to be involved in this FREE to view resource project – with your own materials etc – please get in touch

The Contract resource has doubled in size in the last week with the upgrading.  I have recorded lectures for the first four chapters and plan to complete the 25+ hours of basic lectures by 20th August.  I am planning podcasts with practising lawyers and academics on Contract issues and the updater case reports and case analyses will grow gradually.

Have a look at the online Contract project?

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