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John Bolch, a solicitor and author of the popular Family Lore blog has developed a free Wiki on family law In his own words:

“The Family Law Wiki aims to cover all aspects of family law and procedure and, wherever possible, to link to other free online resources. Obviously, this is a massive undertaking, but hopefully in time it will provide a useful resource for lawyers, students and others interested in family law in England and Wales.”

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11th August: News and other things…

The news is up on Insite Law and your spirits will be after you read Geeklawyer’s review of the Big Chill…

Geeklawyer’s guide to the Happening Shit – The Big Chill 2009

I have completed the upgrade of the free online Contract resource and have set up RSS feeds for casenotes, case analyses and for the latest news on Contract and Sale.  The first six recorded Contract lectures are now done and the remaining 12-14 will be done by 20th August – at which time I shall start on the Sale of Goods lectures and upgrade. Intellectual property and Competition Law will follow…soon.

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