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Perseids… in the skies of Britain

Well… there I was last night, a glass of Rioja in my right hand, a cigarette in my left hand, doing Smokedo squats and looking up into the night sky for Perseids.  I did see one… a fleeting flash across the sky… and … I waited with the patience of Sir Patrick Moore… and drank…. as I drank more…..  I saw the Tardis…. Rioja does the business.

Tonight it is likely that I shall see Dan Dare and the Mekon…. in the sky above East of London…

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More free online law texts and resources

Free online resource for Intellectual Property Law

Solicitor and author of the Ipso Jure blog Dr Peter Groves is now hosting his  FREE online text and resources for Intellectual property Law on Insite Law. The first chapter is now up.

Have a look?

Coming soon… My own text/resources on Tort – which I will be publishing weekly from 1st September – January and I hope we shall soon be able to announce publication of FREE  Criminal Law and Constitutional Law text and resources  at the same level of coverage as for the Contract and Sale projects already up on Insite Law. UK and EU Competition Law is already in production (Peter groves and myself) and there is a possibility that a resource on Employment Law will soon be underway as well.

And… John Bolch of Family Lore has just published his Family Law Wiki

If any budding authors are interested in participating in this project, please contact me

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