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Abercrombie & Fitch told to pay disabled worker Riam Dean £9,000

Times: A law student who was prevented from working on the shop floor of a clothing chain because her false arm was contrary to its “look policy” has been awarded more than £9,000 by an employment tribunal.

Abercrombie & Fitch, a US chain that opened its first branch in London in 2007, told Riam Dean, 22, that her prosthetic arm was deemed unsavoury by its “visual team”

See my earlier post:

Abercrombie & Fitch have pissed me off and many others too!

I wish Riam Dean well…. not easy to take on a big company…takes courage… rather good qualities for a young lawyer I would have thought?


Have a look at UsefullyEmployed blog post on this subject – he makes a number of good points

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Free online materials project – Criminal Law

I am delighted to be able to say that Andrew Keogh, Barrister and author of The White Rabbit blog, an experienced practitioner and published author,  is going to be publishing his new Criminal Law text and lectures on Insite Law FREE.  I am hoping to be able to announce Constitutional Law soon.  I am looking, now, for an author for Land Law and one for Equity.  Users will always be able to have full access free – revenue is generated fom sponsored advertising from law schools, bookshops, publishers, law firms and chambers interested in reaching students – but the advertising will be discreet and professional.

Have a look at what is available so far? : Contract, Sale of Goods and Intellectual Property. Coming soon – UK & EU Competition Law, Tort, Crime. It is likely we will also cover Company law, Land Law, Employment Law and Tort (my Tort book will be published in instalments and will be complete by December) In most cases, recorded lectures will accompany the online materials (25+ hours in most cases) and these will also be FREE

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Tendonitis or something far worse…

Regular readers will recall that I started Smokedo (The Art of exercising while smoking) some time back… and it has proved to be most beneficial in terms of building a bit of strength and keeping fatbastarditis at bay. Indeed, I am now in the slightly absurd position that my jackets no longer fit because my chest has got a lot bigger.  As I do not plan to wear a suit again, this is of little consequence and I am unlikely to suddenly be taken of a desire to take up golf and wander around in a blazer and cravat talking nonsense about politics.

However… it would appear that my mantra…“Nothing in moderation” may be my undoing because I have strained my forearm muscles by doing far too many forearm bicep curls with a 50lb weight. Clever….

Naturally, because I believe in self medication, I turned to Google and from there I found myself on some truly fascinating American ‘Doctor’ websites.  Half an hour in and my tendonitis had turned in my mind to something far more serious… I was beginning to wander if I may, in fact, have a detached muscle (requiring surgery!)… another ten minutes and I was pretty convinced that I had developed a very serious medical condition which could result in amputation…. It was 6.20 am when I started to look at Will Drafting services online…and even contemplated a complete apostasy of my atheist beliefs and was about to call my cousin Cardinal Charoni di Tempranillo to fly from The Vatican immediately and administer extreme unction or whatever it is the mumbo jumbo wallahs read out to those who are about to pass through the veil of lights to ‘another place’.

I am not, of course, being serious… I realised, that when I stopped thinking about my imminent departure from Gate 52… and went out onto my balcony and did another 50 press ups… with a cigarette held firmly in my lips….that all was well and that I did not, in fact,  have any of these conditions …

There are dangers in looking at medical websites…. years ago I had a few headaches… I was almost certain that my head was growing, that I had contracted acromegaly and would soon be able to make  a living as a fairground attraction by being a modern day Elephant Man. A visit to the optician sorted that little problem out.

1000 press ups a day, 500 reps of various exercises with 50lb weights… on alternate days (I do legs the other day)… is not the most sensible thing… I have cut it back a bit… but just until the tendonitis clears…

Well… can’t hang about here … news updates to be done… podcasts to plan…

Tomorrow I am orf to London to record some podcasts for The College of Law… which I shall enjoy doing… and when I have done that… I shall be in a bar in Holborn talking to @johnAflood, @loopyginee (if she finishes her work) and, maybe, other denizens of Twitterworld… should they wish to join us.

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