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17th August: news up on Insite Law

You just have to read this from Idealawg:

The “slackoisie” controversy does not die: My four questions

(I add my observations in the comments sections… the debate going on is wonderful stuff! )

>>> Insite Law Magazine updated… no new cases, though.

FREE online resources update

Inspired by the Free Legal Web project established by Nick Holmes of InfoLaw – Insite Law will be providing an extensive range of text, lectures, analyses completely FREE to students and other users and each online resource will be updated daily, where necessary, to cover the latest cases and statutes.

By 1st October we will have the following subjects covered:

Contract | Sale of Goods | Tort | Criminal Law | Constitutional Law | European Union Law | Competition Law | Employment Law | Family Law | Intellectual Property (and may also have set up Land Law | Equity and Company Law.)

Have a look at the Law of Contract | Sale of Goods | Intellectual Property free resource to get an idea of the style and depth of the materials. John Bolch will be converting his Wiki into text format, suitable for law students, and is gradually building up a superb resource in Family Law

This is not ‘Corporate’ publishing: Insite Law will host all these resources but the authors will retain copyright and be responsible for production and updating. Each resource will be free, cover the law in depth, be up to date and link to BAILLI reports and other free resources on the net where appropriate. I am writing a Tort text in the same style as my Contract and Sale resources and will publish in instalments, aiming to have a complete resource by December. The other writers – all experienced practitioners, will do the same. Recorded lectures will accompany the text, case and news resources. These are all FREE to the user for personal use, but will be sponsored by advertisers who wish to participate. Advertising will be discreet and be limited to law schools, law firms, chambers, publishers, service suppliers to the legal profession and bookshops. The resources, particularly the updating service, may be of interest and value to practitioners.

We are not aiming to produce leading ‘works’ on each subject. Our resources will, we hope, encourage students to purchase the more substantial texts recommended for their courses and provide an excellent foundation upon which you can build your studies. It is very much a live ‘work in progress’ and will be the most extensive resource of its kind in the UK as it develops – and it is ALL FREE. We hope you will enjoy using it.

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