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The Independent reports today….

Mutilated for voting in defiance of the Taliban… grotesque and barbaric.  This is the future for Afghanistan? If Coalition forces and the Afghanistan army cannot make further headway?

What is is with religion: – a conjuring trick at best, a brutal tool of social control and fear at worst?  How many wars in the world today are being fought in the name of a god – who may well not even exist? (and, frankly, if god does exist – he ain’t exactlya barrel of laughs or a fun guy with this lot spreading his religion – it is unlikely, I suspect, that a woman would not be allowed to be ‘ god ‘ in this appalling interpretation of Islam.

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Blawg Review #227 is up…

Blawg Review #227 is up at The Inspired Solo. Sheryl Sisk Schelin has eschewed ‘themes’ and parodies the many blawgers (myself included)  who have used the Blawg Review concept of themes – mercilessly..

The problem with themed blawg reviews is mainly one of oneupsmanship — somebody gets clever with the Shakespeare, then the next guy has to go all Dante on you, and the next thing you know, we’re struggling to get through an irreverently witty translation of Innocent the III’s De miseria conditionis humanae and, really, who needs that? Right. We just want the good stuff from the blawgs.

It is a good read and she gives a wide coverage to topical issues – including ‘anonymity on the web’. I don’t actually care that much if someone is or is not anonymous when posting or commenting.  If I don’t agree with what they write, would I necessarily be more inclined to agree simply because I knew their name?  Would I think to myself….. I really don’t like this blog post by William Shakespeare but…hey…. he wrote Julius Caesar, Hamlet and the Scottish Play…. so… I’d better take note and start agreeing with the shit he is writing?  I don’t think so.  Shit is shit and the flies ARE wrong.

It gets the blood of a few friends of mine running and Dan Hull of WhatAboutClients? is one who has set up a “No-Wuss” zone for his blog… Stand, identify yourself and deliver is the mantra of those who deplore and decry anonymity. Fair enough….. but If I don’t like a comment posted on my blog posted ‘anonymously’ because it is ABUSIVE or rude about another blogger  I simply re-write what they have written to make them look dumb and link their “anonymous name” to a dodgy porno site…. usually deters people from being unpleasant to others on my blog…fortunately it is a very rare event anyway because I suspect that the nutters and others who have time to read my blog are of a liberal disposition or are pissed.)

I am not anonymous – I am pseudonymous, although if I wrote under my own name and called the blog after myself I would then be eponymous.  So as not to be synonymous, for who would want that?, I may start calling myself Hieronymous and just be done with it…

I’ll be back later, when the combination of neurofen to kill the pain from an unpleasant abscess (no dentists ‘abite’ over bank holiday near me) and Rioja has done the business,  with a post and maybe even a cartoon….

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