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I just happened to log on to Yahoo Mail – yet another email account I thought I needed but rarely use…. and to my horror I found a new disease that I may have to get…. NECROTISING FASCIITIS.

The Daily Mail Horror Supplement had the story:

Flesh-eating superbug killed father in just four hours as coroner warns of ‘new horror’

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 11:41 AM on 07th September 2009

The Daily Maul Reporter noted, possibly eating chopped liver with a few fava beans and drinking a Chianti at the time…
“The disease, which is becoming more common, is an infection which sweeps through the body, internally and externally, so quickly that it can actually be seen spreading…..
and then later came the disappointing news, making the Daily Maul headline even more ludicrous….

Despite being known as a ‘flesh-eating’ bug, the bacteria do not actually eat the tissue. They cause the destruction of skin and muscle by releasing toxins.

I checked my watch about six hours after reading this story, noted that my body was less battered after the rigours of yesterday,  and knew that I did not have necrotising fasciitis.
I then had a video chat with my friend and fellow blogger Natasha Phillips ,of The Divorce Manual,  also known as @Sobk13 on Twitter. She had been called me ‘Lord of the Nick Nacks’ on Twitter after my telling her that I had been re-united with my nick nacks etc etc.  It was fun using Skype video – far better than using a mobile and hanging out of a window or standing on the balcony to get reception.  We talked of many things as usual… but then she started looking around her living room, all pictured on camera.  I asked if she had visitors or was hearing ‘voices’ (I didn’t… I made that up)… it was a May Fly buzzing her. Natasha is a kind person.  She tries to trap flies and let them out.  I use spray, although I did see a rather good garden  flamethrower when I was in B&Q some time ago….
I did, of course, this being a law blog… reflect on whether there would be any opportunities for lawyers with necrotising fasciitis (not lawyers with necrotising fasciitis… but opportunities for lawyers in necrotising fasciitis situations)… given that swine flu has been such a disappointment from a litigation and law business point of view.

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Having found the Medway to my taste,  I have taken an  apartment in Chatham overlooking the old Naval dockyards pro tem.

For a year I have been farting about, first on a boat near Battersea Bridge and then, peripatic, travelling light as they say… a blogger and his rucksack and a laptop – all one really needs, in fact, to have a most enjoyable year.

So… two Polish guys turned up in a Luton van and decanted some of my furniture from store, bringing it up three flights of stairs while I assisted materially, by explaining where they could put it.  I work on the principle that no lawyer would let a client help with the legal work, so why should I help with the art of removals?… so I didn’t.

I did  feel rather guilty when the two guys staggered in with a concrete Easter Island head weighing over 250lbs.  My 25kg dumbells will give you some idea of scale!

I had quite forgotten that I still had it – I thought I had given it away.  John watched mildly boggled eyed as Chinese furniture, a French settle from 1803 (which he described as hideous), a three foot balsa wood toucan, Venetian carnival masks, thirty odd paintings, various sculptures, netsuke, Chinese ivory pieces from the 16th Century  and weird lamps arrived… he needed a cup of tea when my plastic lobster arrived (of which more later)  and I could almost see him reaching for the brandy when I unsheathed my Samurai sword or katana,  – a sword I used to use when I was into kendo and karate many years ago.  When I say ‘used to use’ ….I  used it for demonstrations, not combat – for that we used bamboo swords – shinai or bokutō, wooden swords  to practice kata, which could still inflict a bit of damage despite the body armour….. I also used it  at dinner parties, occasionally, especially if I had been out buying pineapples – which I was partial to.  My then wife would raise her eyes to the heavens when I pulled it out when the pudding arrived, asked a mate to chuck it (a pineapple, not the pudding, into the air)  and I then sliced the pineapple in two… well…that was the theory.  Sometimes, perhaps because I was pissed, the blade didn’t hit the pineapple clean and I would wipe bits of pineapple off the dining room wall with the sang froid of the officer at the Charge of The Light Brigade who had his leg blown off by a cannon ball but remained seated on his horse.

It is good to have my Roman General prints and, of course, the Stephen’s Lion lamp back to cast light upon the keyboard as I write.  Solicitors will recognise the design of the lamp.  It is the Stephen’s Lion – the same design which adorns the railings at The Law Society in Chancery Lane. The keen eyed will have spotted this week’s edition of The Law Society Gazette to the right of my table…. A wine glass would normally be on the right hand side of the Vaio… but it is a bit early on a Monday afternoon to be hitting the juice.  It will be there, be sure, this night.

Here are a few more pics of where I work and write nonsense….

The iMac, one of several Mac computers is used for film editing and I used to use it for podcasts. The Mac Towers are still in storage, as is a lifesize fake palm tree which would have been perfect for the balcony where I do my Smokedo overlooking the old naval dockyward basins.

Well… there we are… The Staterooms as I used to call my strange apartments in Bloomsbury and Chsiwick… now it is Staterooms-on-Sea…

So… what of other things that have been amusing me or attracted my attention?

US criminal defense lawyer has been rooting out eveil having foound himself inadvertantly ‘guest blogging’ on another US lawyer’s blog.

Mark writes a very good blog Defending People … in fact it won the ABA Journal

Those Who Can, Blog . . .

I don’t know why, but I would have expected someone who, like Melina Benninghoff, reads this blog to have the good sense not to steal posts.

Benninghoff has, apparently, been ripping off quite a few blog posts from well respected US bloggers and making it appear that they are guesting on her blog or writing for her… or someone is!

Frankly, I am appalled by this – it is a form of highway robbery and when done by a lawyer blogger it is pretty piss poor.  I’m afraid I couldn’t resist commenting in response to one of the commenters on Mark’s blog post – who said she was from The Law Commission, appeared not to be able to write English and seems to think that The Law Commission is a regulator.  I suspect, of course, that it was someone taking the piss… you can read what I wrote by way of comment on Mark’s blog post, should you have time on your hands.  Do, however, try and take a look at what Mark is saying about this... and the later post about Benninghoff’s response (or someone called Wayne from her office).

And finally… Babybarista hits the big time in lawyer reviewer terms.

Walter Olsen of Overlawyered (who I had a good time doing a podcast with recently) has this….

Here’s something we’ve never tried at Overlawyered: a full-length, original book review by an outside contributor. Blogger David Giacalone, whose now-inactive EthicalEsq. (later f/k/a) is fondly remembered and has often been linked in this space, has kindly offered to let us publish his newly written review of BabyBarista and the Art of War

It is a good review…. so thumbs up for Babybarista from a respected writer and commentator in the States.

Best, as ever


PS… forgot the lobster….

When I was in publishing I used to have a hunt the Lobster competition – the first ten to find the latest pic of the lobster within the magazine could have a free pdf book or a Q&A pack. It was quite popular.  Unfortunately, it all got out of hand and I started taking the lobster to play snooker with me – photograph of lobster playing snooker, photograph of the lobster on my Honda Fireblade motorcycle, photograph of lobster perusing the Times in a bar with me… etc etc… and then the doctors came to see me.

The LOBSTER is back!

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Normal service resumed later..

Bonjour – had a fairly big move at the weekend… but all sorted and normal service will be resumed by tonight…

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