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We have a name for LOBSTER….LOBZILLA… –  courtesy of @Sianz on twitter – an artist, indeed….. she did the drawing on the left. LOBZILLA… this seems quite appropriate.  I shall be going to The Law Society next week for a meeting.  Lobzilla will, of course, come with me – we hang out together.  I plan to take a pic of  Lobzilla outside the famous entrance in Chancery Lane.  Here he is listening to TOSCA – he was not at all keen on my listening to The Stones…  a rocker… he is not.

Well… with a start like this… I can’t really write anything about Law… gravitas is all for law… but I can tell you about a story I read on RollonFriday.com.

A receptionist at a leading US law firm is suing her former-employer after she claims she had no choice but to wet herself.

Rebecca Landrith manned the desk at Littler Mendelson, a leading employment law firm. According to the Washington Business Journal, she claims that there was no other receptionist and that the firm had no “consistent policy or procedure as to when or how Landrith could take a restroom break“. So, naturally enough, Landrith simply pissed herself. Twice.

I can also tell you that the ‘Recession is… officially… over’. Well… that is what the papers are saying today. Hopefully they are right…. we shall see. I prefer the rather more sanguine analysis of  Bill Quango MP at Capitalists@Work – a must read if you are even vaguely interested in the City, financials, banking, the economy, our future!

As the Dragon’s Den is not on television tonight… and I’m not OUT..  I shall have to see what is in the cupboard wine wise…. I may be back… laters, as a lot of people say down here in the Medway towns….

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Do you need CPD hours?….

Need CPD?….

Insite Law Magazine has negotiated an attractive CPD offer for our readers with the people from CPD Channel, providers of online CPD courses for lawyers.

The offer is straight forward: buy one point at £25-00 and get one point completely free.  This offer is exclusive to Insite readers and you must please insert the ACCESS CODE:


when first registering on their system – look out for the ACCESS CODE box at the foot of the registration page. Follow this link to CPD Channel and sign up at the top right. So to recap – buy one point and get the second for free. If you need more points, simply top up on their system, but remember, it’s only the one point that’s free.

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