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Lawyers *get* the Legal Services Act….

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Lawcast 154: With Jordan Furlong author of Law21.ca blog

Today I am talking to Jordan Furlong a lawyer and legal journalist based in Ottawa, Canada – the author of Law21.ca a widely read and influential blog….. Jordan’s primary interest lies in law practice innovation, legal business trends, and the changing landscape of the legal profession.

Jordan is also Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Bar Association’s flagship magazine National , a position he has held for more than ten years.

We talk about the the Legal Services Act – change in the profession – hourly billing v value billing and changes in legal education in North America and Britain. The podcast runs for 40 minutes and is in three distinct parts.

Listen to the podcast

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A round tuit…?

I’m delighted to get a round tuit to posting about A ROUND TUIT… Colin Samuels’ weekly focus on an issue that has caught his attention….

This week … scraping of content, non-consensual guest blogging or what some call…. nicking other people’s content.  It is a very good read… have a read.

PS… Colin Samuels and I do occasional ( we hope twice monthly) posts at a joint blog called Unsilent Partners where we look at a serious issue from the UK and US perspective.  I’m afraid the exigencies of August and a surprisingly busy period for me has meant that we haven’t had time to do much in recent weeks – but this will change.  In fact, on the 21st September we are hosting Blawg Review on ‘International Peace’ Day… whatever that is.

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