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Dear Reader,

Cracking one off the top is not a subject I would usually bring up, let alone write about on my blog – but it would appear that the Frenchies lead the world at this (I can’t say that I am surprised) and Le ‘Owner Operateur’ is alive and well on the streets of Paris.  I do not write about this from personal experience – but I was reading an excellent article online in The Telegraph ‘Paris: pervert capital of the world’ where Emily Rose wrote amusingly about her recent experiences on the streets of Paris. It is amusing and worth a read…

She writes…

…. a middle-aged man standing by the open-air public pissoires, is having a quick one off the wrist. .….. In the space of a few weeks, I have been propositioned by at least a dozen men. As I wait to cross the road, at Saint Michel, a man old enough to be my grandfather leans over towards me and whispers seductively in my ear: “Jolies fesses” (nice bum).

and later in the piece…

A respectable looking middle-aged man wearing a suit unzips himself right in front of us and pulls it out. Several similar episodes later, I start to think that maybe this is the norm here in Paris. Or is it me? Do I attract “les vieux cochons”?

Excellent nonsense…. I am pleased, however, that the Frenchies lead the world at this…. but many of us Anglais (As the Frenchies call everyone in the UK, it would appear)  are barking when it comes to matters of sex….. and the picture from Amazon above illustrates this.  Apparently it is possible to hire a flasher outfit?  Amazing.  The trouble is… you can be sure that people do hire it en Angleterre.

My weekly postcard is a bit late this week. I went to London on Saturday to do a bit of business, meet a friend and then meet up with more friends, including @Oedipus_lex and @Bureauista. The trouble with Chelsea and sitting outside a cafe on the Worlds End end of the King’s Road  is that if someone wanders by and spots me or Johnny Biltong (who I was drinking with) they tend to stop, have a drink and then stay until the wheels fall off. Sometimes people we don’t even know do this.  Having missed my train, I went back to Battersea with  Johnny Biltong.  More wine was produced and an allnighter followed.  It was, however, high class and tax deductible bollocks – plans were formulated.  Coffees at a cafe in Chelsea, then breakfast sorted the problem but I will admit that by the time I got back to Staterooms-on-Sea I was beginning to fade.

So brevity is the key this week… I shall be posting about other matters later… possibly



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Insite law FREE resource project: Constitutional law

Carl Gardner, ex-government lawyer for 10 years, author of the Head of Legal blog is the author of our new free resource (text, lectures, case analyses) on Constitutional Law. The project is being built from scratch and Chapter 1 – Introduction is now up.

All the books in the series will appear over the next few weeks – some being produced in weekly instlaments

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