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It is Friday, so there isn’t much legal news – journos having hyperventilated themselves into a state of collapse earlier in the week are, possibly, recovering from Thursday night – the new Friday.

So, in keeping with this spirit, I thought I would start a weekly section and being a ‘european’ with a small ‘e’, call it Rive Gauche.  This is more ‘coming out of left field’ rather than ‘left’ politics…

So… starting off with two stories from RollonFriday…

“BPP students found themselves anxiously waiting for their results last week, when the computer system failed yet again…..Students told RollOnFriday that when the LLB results were put out, the computer system simply couldn’t cope with the demand. One says that the system was down for most of the afternoon, and claims that “when I was finally able to log on I could only get access to a different student’s results“.”

A solemn press statement was issued by Peter Crisp, Dean and CEO of BPP Law School demonstrating  the usual masterly and exquisitely crafted exculpation.

I am almost tempted to adopt this word as my word of the week.  For the many scholars of human activity who ‘peruse’ my blog… here is a little treat for you – not, of course, being scholars, that you need it… [Medieval Latin exculpre, exculpt- : Latin ex-, ex- + Latin culpa, guilt

And then the noble art of Cockery – being in a state of being a cock. We have all been a bit ‘gauche’ in our time (my cheeks still blush at some of things I did last week, let alone 30 years ago when I was in my mid-twenties… but here we have an Ashurst Trainee doing the business and suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous mockery on the RollonFriday discussion board no doubt..

Ouch!:  RollonFriday picked up the story…

An associate at Ashurst’s Abu Dhabi office has been given a merciless ribbing after boasting about his Porsche and Rolex in a local newspaper.

Robin Hickman’s interview is worth a read for the contradictions alone: His dad wasn’t well off, apparently, but nonetheless owned a squash club and a Porsche. And Robin is frugal with money, but nonetheless blew a month’s salary on a Rolex Daytona. Read more….

On the square?

While it is unlikely that you will find the body of God’s Banker, Roberto Calvi, swinging from a rope under BlackFriar’s Bridge, should you be out early of a morning (He did that some years ago) there were suggestions that he was done in by ‘Masons’….

Wikipedia has an entry:

On 10 June 1982, Calvi went missing from his Rome apartment, having fled the country on a false passport in the name of Gian Roberto Calvini. He had shaved off his moustache and fled initially to Venice, and from there he apparently hired a private plane to London. At 7:30 AM on Friday 18 June 1982 a passing postman found his body hanging from scaffolding beneath Blackfriars Bridge in the financial district of London. Calvi’s clothing was stuffed with building bricks, and he was carrying around $15,000 of cash in three different currencies.[4]

Calvi had been a member of Licio Gelli‘s illegal masonic lodge, P2, and members of P2 referred to themselves as frati neri or “black friars”. This has led to a suggestion in some quarters that Calvi was murdered as a masonic warning because of symbolism associated with the word “Blackfriars”.[5]

It would seem that British Masons are not quite so direct. The Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chanccellor, Jack Straw, has announced that it is OK for judges to be Masons and there is no longer any need for them to disclose this.Times

If you are not a Mason – and you would know if you are; although a non-mason would not know you are a Mason – here is The Square.

The Times notes… in a solemn and ritualistic manner… “The policy reversal was announced by Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, after a threat of legal action forced a review. He said that it would be “disproportionate” to continue with the practice.’

But… all my concerns are allayed, put to rest, diluted …. by the statement in The Times:

But senior judges resisted being required to make the declaration. Lord Bingham of Cornhill, then Lord Chief Justice, said at the time that there had never been “a vestige of evidence that any judge in any case ever in this country has been diverted from his duty by any conflict arising from Freemasonic association”.

I can’t quite see why a judge, these days, would want to be a member of what is, essentially, a private and secret society…. must be the charitable foundation work Freemasons do… and they do a fair bit of that.


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