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One of the benefits of starting my work at around 4.30 am each day is that by late afternoon I can faff about.  Today,  Chef Charon decided that it was time to cook a chicken.

It was, I suppose, the natural ending to the pet chicken but I did, at least, offer it a last request.  Not surprisingly she asked for a Marlboro Lite.  This, after all, is no ordinary chicken… it is a Charon chicken.  The Maris Piper potatoes were blanched and cooked with a whole unpeeled lemon for 12 minutes and a bulb of garlic.  The chicken was rubbed down with salt, pepper and olive oil.  The whole lemon from the potato pan was pricked with a fork and placed into the chicken’s cavity, along with the whole garlic separated into cloves.  The chicken was cooked for 45 minutes and basted.  Goose fat was added to the pan – and the pre-blanched potatoes with roughened edges were placed into the chicken juices and goose fat. 45 minutes later, roughly – a rather good roast chicken.  I cooked the carrots in butter, sliced thinly and a cup of water .  This concentrated the flavours.  A chicken stock with added juices from the roasting tray provided good gravy. I nicked the idea from Jamie Oliver… and why not!

Malbec from Argentina was taken.

And then I started to think about SEX… not, I hasten to add, for myself… but in terms of a law report I was reading about noisy sex upsetting the neighbours.  The judge had to listen to a ten minute recording of the romps. 30 years practising law, onto the bench and you have to listen to audio recordings of people having sex. Fortunately, one assumes, the judge doesn’t have to do this every week.  We are British, after all. The Independent has the full, lurid, tale….

I went out onto my balcony for a smoke and to do 100 press-ups.  I am still following my Smokedo regime.  It was a bit quiet on the balcony.  I could see the copy of The Law Society Gazette which my pet chicken had been reading just before the end. I could see the dish of Rioja, half drunk….. Yes…. I do miss Henry Chicken… but what a fine way to go, if you have to go?


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Blawg Review #237 – Christian Metcalfe of Property Law blog

“Today’s single most important political principle, the right to live in a participatory democracy, comes down to us not from the slave-owning societies of Athens and Rome, or from the pleasant estates in France where Rousseau and Montaigne envisioned the ‘general will’, but from buff-coated and blood-stained English soldiers and tradesmen.”

Christian has produced an excellent Blawg Review #237, embracing many of  the posts on the legal blogosphere over the last week.  A work of detail and themed beautifully….. do read it…. it will give you a good overview of legal thinking and the pre-occupations consuming law bloggers last week

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I do not know who took this photograph – but props to whoever did…. I found this on Twitter this morning.

colmmu http://twitpic.com/ov76e – RT @spacemonki a photo of Westminster Bridge … one ponders the intention to represent the neighbouring inhabitants…

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