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A short Rive Gauche today… I leave for London on the 7.30 am train to record a podcast with Shami Chakrabarti, director of Liberty, for the College of Law Inside Track podcast series I have been doing for them.

RollonFriday – their ‘news’ always worth a look on a Friday – reports: “Things are so bad at Slaughter and May that the firm’s most famous partner has emailed all staff and encouraged them to sign up to a discounted beer offer – at a grand saving of 42p a bottle. Full story…

While I am not an ardent supporter of the prime minister, I do think that The Sun has behaved badly with the campaign against Gordon Brown in recent days.  The Guardian reports on the backlash against The Sun.


Baroness Neville-Spook on Question Time last night was asked by John Humphrys (standing in for David Dimbleby who was knocked unconscious by his wife’s bullock earlier in the day) if the Tories would distance themselves from The Sun.  After a fair amount of waffle and strangulated vowels,  Baroness Neville-Bond-Blofeld conceded that the party would probably not do so. Quite what she was doing representing the Tories on Question Time last night, I have no idea.

I can only assume that the ‘big beasts’ of the Tory party, the ‘Grandees’, were rehearsing the classic song Springtime for Hitler for their version of The Producers so they are ready to take over the reins of power and ravish our country in May or June 2010.

And on that note.. I’m orf to London to see a woman about a podcast…and then, hopefully, some amusements with Geeklawyer and others.  I lead a reclusive life on the Medway these days… I have to escape occasionally… a piu tarde.


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