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Strictly Come Dancing with David….

I sit here dressed in perfectly normal modern clothing, a glass of Rioja to my left, waiting for news from Norfolk… from the very heartlands of Turnip Taliban power.  Sir Jeremy Bagge and his ravening horde, who don’t want to be taken for ‘complete idiots’ by Tory Central Office,  are about to determine… not just the fate of Liz Truss… but the fate of David Cameron and his ability to direct policy from Notting Hill.  If Cameron loses… the fogeys up and down the country, young and old, will riot in their unusual coloured corduroy trousers and tweed or waxed jackets and run amok… and the slick Central Office machine may well hyperventilate.  It could be the beginning of another civil war originating in East Anglia… but this one could just be bizarre and even amusing to behold..

We shall see..


UPDATE 10.15 pm 16 Nov: I am advised on twitter:  Cameron 1 – Fogeys 0 |  Liz Truss survives de-selection bid. They’ll just have to go back to growing food and general Bufton-Tuftoning…  Cameron survives… so no dancing for him on this occasion….

While I am on the topic of unfluence and puppet masters – I have been watching a rather disturbing programme – Dispatches – about the perhaps not so benign influence of the pro-Israel lobby in Britain.  They seem to be puppet masters of the financial kind…. anyone know much about the hidden power of this lobby, how much money they give, plan to give… wonder why the Tory polbloggers haven’t picked up on this with their usual ardour. Maybe Dispatches has ‘got it all wrong?”…


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College of Law Inside Track podcast: Professor Stephen Mayson on the legal landscape.

Today I talk to Professor Stephen Mayson. He considers the future of the legal profession and the legal landscape following the opportunities for alternate business structures and the opportunities for young lawyers coming into the profession over the next few years.
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Law Society Gazette Podcast: Christina Blacklaws on the state of Family Law today.

Today I talk to Christina Blacklaws who specialises in child care law and mediation. A founding partner of Blacklaws Davis LLP, she is a member of the Children Panel, a Law Society Council member, serving as child care representative for the Council.

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