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I don’t take much time off and my last holiday was just over five years ago, so I don’t feel any angst at all at having done absolutely no real work today.  I went up to London this morning to film a short piece for Guido Fawkes’ GUYNews.  I met ‘Emily Nomates’ who appears in the weekly TV prog on Guido’s blog along with ToryBear.  I did a bizarre piece about MP expenses… strictly ham on rye – but fun.  If they use the piece, I shall put up a link to it. I even got to wear a wig and gown… even more surreal with a black polo shirt!

For the train journey back, I purchased the latest private Eye.  There is an excellent story in it under the News from the Officer’s Mess section written by ‘SquareBasher’.

Briefly – we appear to have 1000 + officers in our armed services than we actually need. Recent figures reveal that the Army has ’90 more generals, lieutenant-generals, major-generals, brigadiers and colonels than required…. Things are no better at sea where the Royal Navy has a surfeit of 80 admirals, vice-admirals, rear-admirals …considering the navy’s grand total of 88 commissioned ships in service, this top-heavy brass superstructure could lead to an imminent capsize….. Meanwhile in the air – or rather on the gound behind various desks – the RAF is supporting a splendid 160 air marshals, air vice-marshals etc etc etc…”

What are they all doing… they are certainly not all operational on the front line…surely?  I can’t imagine that tanks are being commanded by Brigadiers and the usual rank for command of a destroyer or frigate is, i believe,  commander or captain. Curious.

Private Eye notes that the number of experienced and seasoned NCOs, ‘long regarded as the traditional backbone of the British Army’  continues to dwindle.

I shall return to writing about Law and ‘the law’ tomorrow.

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Putin the Boot In….

I am pleased to report that Geeklawyer and I have a cunning plan to WIN the IMHO category for the ABA Journal Top 100 Blogs. I don’t, as it happens, mind if I win or lose – I am delighted to be a nominee.  BUT… we lost America all those years ago because of King George III and now we have a chance to recover some dignity for British blogging.  Geeklawyer and I are massively outnumbered by American bloggers and their readers.  I now know how Michael Caine felt when he won the Battle of Rorke’s Drift against the Zulus all those years ago….

The Ruskis have declared for us. It is quite possible that China may also declare for us. I am going to get in my yacht, sail into Iranian waters and see if President I’madinnerjacket is amenable to enriching our chances with a bit of nuclear voting.  I have devised a CAMPAIGN poster – which modesty and taste requires that I do not display on the page.

You may, however, click here to view our first campaign poster.

Remember – we are saying to you… “Ask not what Charon and Geeklawyer can do for you… but what you can do for Charon and Geeklawyer”. You can vote for us BOTH in the ABA Journal Top 100 Blogs.. you will be voting for Britain, to avenge losing America all those days ago when George III was on the throne….

You may Vote here… and don’t be fooled by Randazza and his “Satyriconistas” and their threat to kill kittens if he doesn’t win.



I thought this Tweet would summarise our Manifesto….

We do accept that this is shameless behaviour on our part to get votes… but would you expect anything less?

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