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David Cameron has good days and bad days. Having complained about Gordon Brown’s attempts to fight the 2010 election on class war grounds, Tofftastic has now been compared to Quisling, the Norwegian collaborator who helped the nazis take over Norway during WWII and put him in charge. Shane Greer, who picked this wonderful nonsense up in Hansard, is absolutely right to suggest that Labour is now stooping to new depths with that one. Politicians do have to put up with ridicule, name calling etc etc but there are limits!  I am, however, very pleased to have found an excellent picture of Cameron talking to some visiting dignitaries from the UAE – on their excellent Flickr account.

Shane Greer notes the following exchange:

Mr. Reed: The Leader of the Opposition currently resembles the Quisling of the climate change deniers, so if he seriously wants to bridge the chasm between his rhetoric and the reality of so many in his party, he should have the basic decency and courage to do that publicly. We need a consensus or else we invite failure. If we fail-

Mr. Deputy Speaker (Sir Michael Lord): Order. I am not very happy about the word that the hon. Gentleman has just used. Perhaps he would like to withdraw it.

Mr. Reed: Which word in particular, Mr. Deputy Speaker? [Laughter.]

Mr. Deputy Speaker: Order. Is the hon. Gentleman not aware of the word that I am talking about?

Mr. Reed: I am afraid not, sir.

Mr. Deputy Speaker: He might consider withdrawing the word “Quisling” .

Meanwhile… my Tweet of the Week just has to go to Stephen Fry for this…. I enjoyed the wry humour.

Boris has other pre-occupations: Ever since the Aztecs first worshipped the cocoa bean, mankind has experimented with various ratios of solids, fats, sugar and milk, and Cadbury has got it right. The chocolate bar-barians at the gate are Americans. The Thoughts of Boris

Old Holborn hit the nail on the head with his take on Climate Change: “Nohopenhagen was never about saving a few idiot Bangladeshis who keep building their huts on stilts in river deltas. It was never about polar bears. It was never even about climate change.” (Old Holborn – There are 60 million of us but only 646 of them)

Iain Dale asks: Are People From West Sussex Stupid?…. “I ask the question having seen the video below. It raises two questions – not just the question as to whether West Sussex County Council thinks their population is completely stupid, but also the more important question of why they are spending council tax payers’ money on this inanity.” (Iain Dale)

Lazy Hyena, who also produces GuyNews for the Guido Fawkes blog, has an amusing piece…

A nice girl ain’t nothin’ without a string of pearls

“Here are some of the verbal gems that have been tossed her way by these terribly suave gents (almost exclusively middle-aged men)  over the past few months. But Hyena’s too nice to tell you who said them:

What’s a nice girl like you doing with this lot? [Many a time]

If you don’t mind my saying, you have a very well developed mind.

You’ve got this look in your eye!

You’re a mystery. I just don’t understand you.

You project a certain image, but really you’re a well-mannered, nice girl.”

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The BBC reported, solemnly, this afternoon that  “Ex-spy chief Sir John Scarlett has told the Iraq war inquiry there was “no conscious intention” to manipulate information about Iraq’s weapons. He denied being under pressure to “firm up” the September 2002 dossier which contained the claim Iraq could use WMD within 45 minutes of Saddam’s order.” BBC

Unfortunately The real life ‘M’ was not asked about claims that British Intelligence on WMD at the time of the Iraq war came from a taxi driver on the Iraq Jordanian border – so we are none the wiser on that issue, as yet.

Paul Waugh, writing on his Evening Standard blog has a most interesting development

Waugh writes: “I posted first thing today on Adam Holloway’s extraordinary claims* about an Iraqi taxi driver being the source for British intel on Saddam. I pointed out that Adam seemed unclear about exactly what the cabbie had overheard. The MP told me that it was more about long-range missiles that could target Cyprus. He wasn’t sure that the cabbie had heard anything about the separate 45-minutes minutes claim.”

It seems that Mr Holloway MP  amended his original piece.  Whether he did this to sex it or sex it up no-one is sure.  The FT has now got in on the Act.  Waugh reports… FOOTNOTE* It gets weirder. The FT’s Alex Barker prompted the thought that the cabbie in question may even have been “Curveball”, the flaky fantasist who also duped the US on WMD.”

Wonderful stuff… I may go out and buy myself a James Bond T-shirt. I don’t, after all, want to be left out.  I watched the Iraq Inquiry this afternoon, as it happens. Ex-Chief Spook, Sir John Scarlett,  looked very much the part, I thought…..  for a Bond movie… close cropped bald head, piercing eyes, clipped voice, precise diction, measured tone… a superb Bond villain… I may have had too many pain killers.


Editor: Post edited 6.00 with picture to sex it up.


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A bit of Tuesday Tat….

Following on from my ‘Fuckerflies’ series, as Christmas approaches and no-one can be bothered to answer their phones or are ‘ in a meeting’ (and it can only get worse as the Christmas party season gets under way), I am occupying part of my time each day by painting.  Charonaletto has many spray cans and enough paint and canvas to flood the art market with tat.  There is only one flaw to this ‘plan’.  I give the paintings away… but I do offer the recipients an option where I throw the painting away for them and save them the trouble.

Here is my latest series: ‘Erudite Elephant 1’

The Elephant is at the start of a Nietzschean journey, which may turn out better than he thinks.  He first meets the Monkey – an avid reader of The Sun. The Monkey asks the Elephant what his thougt for the day is. The Elephant has two:  “The cautious seldom err’ and “It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop’. (Confucius). The Elephant, being a pedant and a grammar nazi, corrects the Monkey’s English… and so the journey begins.

A larger version of the picture is here

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