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“Continuing his theme, and because he is a bit bored, Charondigliani was taken by the first snow of Winter today. He was also traumatised by Snow White and the Seven Investment Bankers many years ago as a ‘difficult’ child. .  Charondigliani’s use of his drug of choice – Rioja – was clearly an inspiration behind this ‘work’.  No automobile spraycan paint was used in this – but Charondigliani did use some chalk to create that subtle translucence so necessary to suggest a degree of bollocks in modern painting. Cokehead, Charondigliani’s parrot was also most taken with this painting. When it was first exhibited,  a Police Community Support Officer arrested Charondigliani under the Terrorism Act for being in possession of a ‘Class A’ painting. Fortunately, a senior Metropolitan Police Officer friend of Charondigliani was able to tell the PCSO to stop being stupid and go back to eating buns on street corners with his PCSO mates.”

Police Community Support Officer Review

Snow White Snorting Coke
Oil and Chalk on Canvas (2009)


In the Collection of Geeklawyer

A larger version of the painting may be viewed here.

Other F**kArt works by Charon may be viewed here

Charon saw a very funny cartoon on t’interweb thingy which inspired this nonsense.

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Charon’s series of Christmas Paintings start with a ‘homage’ to a favoured artist – Dali. The next Christmas painting will be ‘Snow White Snorts Snow’ in the style of Charondigliani.

The Cross after Dali (2009)
Oil on Canvas

A larger version of the painting may be viewed here

For a full list of Charon’s F**kART paintings so far – click here

I plan to do a painting each day through until the 27th December.  Then I shall stop… possibly!

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