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Rive Gauche: The Christmas spirit… et al

As Christmas draws closer, work has tailed off a bit. No-one is that interested in discussing consultancy, advertising on Insite or any of the other things I do to amuse myself – so I have been doing a series of F**Art paintings. I wanted to see how they would look in a different context so I am posting a few images containing ‘paintings’ I have done recently interspersed with a few oddities in the news this week – some even relating to law.

The Telegraph reports: “A judge who gave a community punishment to a teenage girl for her part in a near-fatal stabbing “wholly failed” in his public duty, London’s Court of Appeal has ruled…… Judge Timothy Nash was also criticised for handing just two years to a second youngster involved in the attack as Lord Justice Thomas declared the sentences “unduly lenient” and increased them in a bid to counter knife crime.

“That things went gravely wrong, of that there can be no doubt whatsoever,” he said. “Judge Nash wholly failed in his duty to the public in marking these offences in the way he did.”

Another case where ‘things went clearly wrong’ involved a man trying to have sex with a Rottweiler.  This, I just can’t quite my head around. Bizarre. But I am grateful to @infobunny on Twitter for alerting me to the news.  Infobunny is making snowmen today.

Snow has come to Britain, or parts of it. In fact, as I type, it looks as if another four inches is about to land on the four inches from last night’s snowfall.  Above is a painting I am giving to Geeklawyer “Snow White Snorts Snow”  It looks vaguely sane in this setting.

RollonFriday has a truly brilliant story (and you just have to go to the site to see the posters!)

CMS Cameron McKenna has tried to improve its lawyers’ client care skills by decorating the firm’s loos with inspirational posters.

In a move that the firm maintains is “quirky and fun“, posters have appeared featuring a man standing at a urinal and a loo with the seat left up. Apparently this is part of the firm’s Reflect campaign, intended to encourage its lawyers to think of their clients’ best interests at all times. Including when doing number twos, because nothing says client care like “I was just thinking about you while sitting on the bog crimping off a length“.

Above is ‘Fuckerflies’ my first painting this Christmas season… this, I gave to @infobunny because she does ART and started me off again with her excellent paintings.  On the right, at the back…. Erudite Elephant II.

It is not all doom and gloom in the legal world…. The Times reports today…

Lawyers growing rich on NHS negligence

I missed it – but Twitter was down for a while last night.  This must have added to the Christmas stress of many thousands of Twitters.  Apparently President I’madinnerjacket’s Iranian Cyber Army was ‘responsible’. The Guardian reports:

“This site has been hacked by the Iranian Cyber Army,” said the message.

“The USA thinks they control and manage internet access, but they don’t. We control and manage the internet with our power, so do not try to the incite Iranian people.”

The Times has a fascinating story about ‘No win, no fee”

The Times reports: “Laywers are quick to defend the practice of no-win, no-fee as the way that people without funds can get access to justice. Its importance is without question, but the quirks and loopholes that have evolved — and that facilitate and encourage eye-popping claims — have skewed the system.Since 2000, and in far greater numbers in the past few years, claims for the successful law firm have rarely stopped with basic legal costs…..Colum Smith, a lawyer specialising in medical negligence claims, says that half his business are a no-win, no-fee clients. A partner in McMillan Williams Solicitors in Coulsdon, Surrey, Mr Smith says he sees the situation as a simple business transaction. Mr Smith says that he is a “superb advocate of the NHS” but describes the frequency of out-of-court settlements “very strange”.

I could get into painting on a large scale! I think the spraycan paints I use are getting to me.

The Police do seem to be doing some very odd things in recent months. After the furtore about Police and the donut eaters, their PCSO counterparts, stopping people from taking photographs under the terrorism Act – we now have a High Court judge saying…


Police ‘must not harass’ man cleared of Dando muder…


And…. finally…

Charonasso will be doing some more nonsense over the next ten days – it will help him get through Christmas!

By the way… if anyone would like my most recent ‘painting’…. below… The Snowmen extraordinarily renditing a little boy who has been bad in 2009…. let me know in the comments section or send me an email – FREE… naturally!

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The Christmas theme continues…..

Ben had been a bad boy in 2009 – so we had to extraordinarily rendite him
Oil on canvas (2009)

In the Collection of @mrcivlib

A larger version may be viewed here

Other Charon F**kART paintings may be seen here

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