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Dear Reader,

I write from The Staterooms-on-Thames, Battersea – a curious place overlooking Chelsea Marina and close to Battersea Bridge. I can’t quite see the boat I used to live on at Cheyne Walk beside Battersea Bridge.  It is a short walk to World’s End, Chelsea for coffee, breakfast and a read of the papers.  I plan to live here for a year and then… who knows?

I’ve brought some of my paintings and some furniture with me and  I thought I would take a few pics on my mobile to show the main room where I drink and work – sometimes at the same time. (Dotted about the post)

I have my small computer table set up in an alcove overlooking the river. It is north facing so there is no direct sunlight coming in to interfere with the laptop screen.

The main room is probably three times thee size of the main room in the apartment I had at Chatham Maritime on The Medway. There is, unfortunately, no balcony.  I have to do my Smokedo exercises inside.  This is not a problem.  There are many gulls, ducks, cormorants.  The sound of helicopters going to the heliport is fairly regular but by no means intrusive.  There is almost always something going by on the Thames – yesterday kayaks and an eights boat full of earnest rowers being shouted at by a guy in a motorboat has just gone by.

Britain may have to brace itself for another snow cold snap. The eastern seaboard of the US is enduring what Obama called Snowmaggedon.  Our BBC and Sky news reporters often look ridiculous when they report floods while standing in puddles of water or snow while demonstrating just how slippery it is – but they are nothing on this guy from the States.  He loses the plot completely – well worth a watch. [Hat Tip to fellow twitter user @stokenewington

John Terry’s ‘£750,000’ legal gag

The Times has weighed in with a tasteful piece suggesting that the exact sum is disputed: friends of Perroncel say it was £750,000 while friends of Terry claim the sum was £400,000. Private Eye has a rather more sardonic view saying that Schilling’s, who represent the great, the good and the (obviously) not so good who want to keep their deeds hidden from prying eyes.

Private Eye notes that Schillings describe themselves as..

The leading law firm protecting the reputations of high-profile individuals, corporates and brands.

“Schillings is one of Britain’s top law firms dedicated to safeguarding the reputations of international corporations, brands, celebrities and high-profile business people. The firm’s track-record in defamation, privacy and copyright cases is second to none.”  [This is from the Schillings website] As Private Eye pointed out – and I checked today – the Schillings private client news section on the front page trumpets success – but I could find no mention of the Terry superinjunction which was lifted by Tugendhat J last week.

A quick look at Wikipedia reveals that Battersea is…

Historically a part of Surrey, the area takes its name from the old village of Battersea, an island settlement established in the river delta of the Falconbrook; a river that rises in Tooting Bec Common and flows underground through south London to the River Thames.[3] The site of the original settlement is marked by St. Mary’s Church. William Blake was married, and Benedict Arnold and his wife and daughter are buried in the crypt of the church. Battersea is mentioned in Anglo-Saxon time as Badrices īeg = “Badric’s Island” and later “Patrisey”. As with many former Thames island settlements, Battersea was reclaimed by draining marshland and building culverts for streams.

The settlement appears in the Domesday Book as Patricesy. It was held by St Peter’s Abbey, Westminster. Its Domesday Assets were: 18 hides; 7 mills worth £42 9s 8d, 17 ploughs, 82 acres (330,000 m2) of meadow, woodland worth 50 hogs. It rendered (in total): £75 9s 8d.[4]

Here is a picture of Battersea Square…. lively in summer. It was rather quiet as I sat at Muzar drinking coffee and smoking cigs while reading the News of The Screws.  I read The Observer later… when the mind is clear!

World’s End, Chelsea and the King’s Road is but a 10 minute walk away – a part of London I have enjoyed for 30 odd years.

Finally… a pic of the view from Battersea towards Cheyne Walk, Chelsea and the boats where I lived for a while in the second half of 2008.

Have a good week… back with some law / politics stuff ;later

Best, as always


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