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I do like to be reasonably even handed about political nonsenses.  This parody of the new Labour poster was almost inevitable. When will politicians ‘get it’ about posters?

Hat Tip to @torybear for the link

If you want to do your own (I have not done so myself, yet) here is the link

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If you need a ‘politica’l laugh – please read this post by Tom Harris MP

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Zorba dancing – the full catastrophe

21 years ago I went on holiday to the Island of Crete. I met some very amusing people there and danced on the same beach Zorba danced on.  Fuelled by Ouzo and retsina I even climbed to the top of what the tour guide called ‘Zorba’s Mountain’.  I would probably bribe someone these days to climb the mountain for me and take pictures while I did a bit of Zorba dancing on the beach.  I like the Greeks – and those I met on Crete were fascinating to talk with.  The history of Crete is full of twists and turns, myths, fables and legend.

There are many memorable quotes from the film Zorba The Greek.  The one I have chosen in the picture is, unfortunately, all too real and serious for the Greece of today.

Gordon Brown refused to confirm that the UK would not be involved in the inevitable bail out for Greece which the markets expect.  The markets have factored the bail out in.  The press say that there will be Armageddon if France and Germany do not assist Greece. We shall know soon enough.

The other words from the film which Zorba uttered, which I have used many times when observing the human condition…… ‘the full catastrophe’… seem appropriate. I think I may well go back to Crete in the not too distant future and walk again around the ruins of Knossos in the hot midday sun! I may even drink retsina again.

I had an amusing last night –  too amusing for me to concentrate on law matters this morning… I shall have a restorative glass of wine and some espresso at lunch and return later in the day to shoehorn a bit of law into the blog… until then…

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Tonto Papadopoulos is a serious writer on finance  and banking and guests on this blogARRIVEDERCI LONDRA! and  The Billion Dollar Bonus

In this video – we see Tonto in a rather different light.  I have had the pleasure of enjoying a few drinks with Tonto on many occasions.  On the last occasion we even discussed the possibility of my having a cameo part in one of his video productions.

The video is well worth a watch.

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