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I return from a most enjoyable trip to find that Sir Nicholas Winterton MP has managed to make himself look a bit foolish. I do hope he did not mean to appear snobbish – but he certainly managed to get himself into a mess when talking to the BBC about travelling First Class on trains.

Here is a selection of his ‘observations’ from the interview…

Winterton was arguing that MPs needed to travel first class on trains and it was right that the public purse should pay for it. The BBC reports: Sir Nicholas kept on talking about the “status of a MP” and it intrigued me that he seemed to be saying politicians were somehow different than others.

The interviewer asked him what he meant.

He said people travelling on the significantly cheaper standard tickets had “a different outlook on life”. And he added, “If I was in standard class, I would not do work because people would be looking over your shoulder the entire time.”

When I asked him whether he thought standard-class passengers behaved differently from those with first class tickets, Sir Nicholas replied: “Yes, I do. They are a totally different type of people. There are lots of children, there is noise, there is activity.”

An unfortunate interview for Winterton… hardly likely to endear him to the tax payers who pay for his First Class travel. For the record… Winterton did NOT say the words in the captioned pic above.  I just fancied taking the piss in my usual Standard Class way.

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