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BBC: Pope Benedict XVI has apologised to victims of child sex abuse by Catholic priests in Ireland.

It buggers belief that priests in Ireland abused children under their pastoral care – and that the head of the Catholic Church in Ireland, Cardinal Sean Brady, has resisted calls to resign over his handling of abuse allegations in the 1970s that saw victims sign confidentiality agreements.

Nowhere in the bible does it say that Jesus had a sword fight… and Jewish magic tricks.

On a lighter note, on the subject of religion, I thoroughly enjoyed this remarkable series of emails between a parent and a school chaplain in connection with parental consent for a child to attend a school religious play… if you haven’t seen it… I am confident, religious or not, that you will laugh….you may laugh more if you are, as I am, a non-believer.  Read the emails

PRIME MINISTER’S QUESTIONS?…And continuing the theme of unbelievable events and mythical matters…. I asked Tom Harris MP, who is a Dr Who fan, about the tax status of the great Doctor. Taking time away from rather more serious issues, Tom replied in his usual dry style…. some politicians do humour well…

In the interests of political balance… this tweet from Paul Waugh, deputy political editor at the Tha Standard

May have overdone the juice last night talking with friends until 4.30 and staggering about Battersea Square at 8.00 to try and find a cafe open to serve coffee…back later…

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