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Labour has produced a new ‘attack’ poster published this morning… I was a bit bored…so I thought I’d do one of my own. The original Labour version…. is a bit of an own goal… makes Cameron look cool to young voters…. so… a bit of an own kick in the goolies… good effort Labour.  Go to the top of the class and hand out the f*****g pencils.

I am also advised that Ashes to Ashes is probably one of the most popular TV programmes about at the moment… Dear god…. How did this get through…

I asked on twitter if they were all on meow meow when the original poster was designed… only for @AlJahom to come back very quickly with…

Al Jahom AlJahom @Charonqc well the top man’s on MAOI MAOIs, so why the hell not!? /cc @torybear

And… you have to hand it to the Tories… they have come back very quickly (and cleverly)… with this….

Boys doing men’s work comes to mind…. next time, Labour… let the professionals do it… or go to a political blogger and get them to do it… just saying!


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Dear Reader,

I write on a Saturday this week because I am going to be busy doing my annual ‘urbi et orbi’ blog post tomorrow.  I trust you are having a rationalist, religious or just plain Easter egg greedy weekend?

It is unusual for the Church of England leader, the Archbishop of Canterbury, to openly criticise another religious party or branch – but, it appears, the election fever to come has taken hold at CofEHQ Lambeth Palace.

The BBC reports…The Archbishop of Canterbury has said the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland has lost “all credibility” over the way it had dealt with paedophile priests.

Rowan Williams said the problems, which had been a “colossal trauma” for the Church affected the wider public. It seemed appropriate, given that the Church and political parties share a common interest in persuading us to believe in unbelievable things,  that I adapt the recent Tory poster…. and, after all, the Church of England was described as ‘The Tory Party at prayer’ not so long ago!

In a spirit of even handedness… How a Vatican ‘attack poster’ might look…given the propensity for Tories and Labour to shoot ‘own goals’ with their real attack posters… why should the Church be any different?

But back to more earthly matters….

The perennial ‘lightbulb question’ was running riot on twitter the other night….with Tories asking ‘How many labour supporters does it take to do…. this and that…. so I had to join in.

Tom Harris MP has an amusing story…

The joke’s on you, Colin

When former Bristol councillor Colin Eldridge fell for a very clever and funny April Fool gag in yesterday’s Liverpool Post, he could so easily have laughed it off. A self-deprecatory “I am such a chump – but that was very funny!” would have done wonders for his public persona. People like politicians who can poke fun at themselves.

Instead Eldridge, who is now the LibDem parliamentary candidate in Wavertree, decided to pretend that he was in on the joke all along. It was blindingly obvious that he had been completely taken in by the spoof story about Liverpool spending more than £140,000 on road signs written in Mandarin Chinese (a proposal which “has got to be worthwhile,” he told his host without a trace of irony), Then, when it was pointed out to him by the presenter that it was an April Fool’s trick, Eldridge said: “Maybe I knew all along.”

As a public service, Tom Harris has the radio interview Colin Eldridge did so we can judge for ourselves whether Eldridge was ‘savant or chump’ – and he plans to keep the radio interview on his blog until the election…and beyond.  Who said Labour is going soft!

Mandarin Chinese?  Love it – mind you, it appears that I fell for a story about Cambridge University taking back panto-fascist Nick Griffin’s degree. At least I can plead that The Sun reported this on 2nd April, not 1st April.

Feeling Horny? Not me.. I’m limp and lovin it!

My mate Tonto Papadopolous has been keeping himself amused…and this, his latest foray into motion pictures,  will…hopefully leave you LIMP.

Do watch the movie… I am pretty sure it will make you laugh.  I have drunk and talked until dawn several times with Tonto… fortunately, he is making movies at the moment… so I am relatively sane and get to bed earlier.

“The only good Tory is a dead Tory”

If you want an amusing story – head over to The Spectator.  This is pure class…. if you enjoy stories about politicians who ‘go over the top’ and get carried away. I won’t say any more… it is definitely worth a read even if you aren’t interested in politics.

What a B’stard!

And this is in the same category of ‘pure class’ for political parody – I found it on OboTheClown’s blog., M’lud… honest.  Not office safe.. but as it is a Bank Holiday… this is a movie well worth watching…  Cherie Blair and Alan B’Stard a film by Alison

As is my practice most weekends, I buy a tabloid and a more sane newspaper and flick through the tabloid while having a few Marlboros and coffees.  I went online this morning to look at The Sun – the cafes were still shut.

It really is an alternative universe over there.

Today’s headline news… “Harry Blotto and the Missing script” (Apparently some one got pissed and left the script for the new film in the pub).

Dr Who-er missus – “FLAME-HAIRED actress Karen Gillan is about to shoot to fame as Doctor Who’s latest assistant.”

My leg is broken – and so am I: CESC FABREGAS breaks his silence on the injury shock that shattered his season

Vice on the road: MOTORISTS are being distracted by signs warning them to beware of hookers

AND…as I prepared myself to phone a clinic in Switzerland to say it was time… I read a news story about a bloody police monkey in Thailand.  Dear god…. the future of our country is safe with The Sun behind the Tories.  How many potential voters does The Sun get each day?

The question is – are political bloggers – who reach good audiences, but nowhere near the reach of The Sun – wasting their time. I don’t think so… but The Sun will, surely, shape the future of our country …
On that note.. orf to find an open cafe… enjoy your weekend.  Back later with some law…perhaps.
Best, as ever

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