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INSITELAW Newswire / 6th April 2010

INSITELAW Newswire/ 6th April 2010

The weekly newswire contains a summary of key law news, reports and comment – with some posts by Charon. Hopefully, it will be useful in keeping you informed  about some of the key developments.


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Student Revision Course
“There are still places available at the QED Law revision seminars. Open to all students on LLB and GDL/CPE programmes they take place at University College London and there is a choice of dates in April and May. For more information – QED LAW

Disclosure: I’m not involved in any way – but I’ve known Norman Baird for years and some of his colleagues also.  They do do the business.  Good courses.

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What a gay day for a trip to Torquay!

Chris Grayling reveals the real Tories

Guardian: By supporting homophobic discrimination by B&B owners, the shadow home secretary has shattered David Cameron’s gay-friendly image

Will Dave sack him? Are gays any different from other groups?  Basil Grayling’s ‘thoughts’ on gays do break the current law. Is he going to change the law if the Tories get into power…? or as shadow home secretary is it simply that he is clueless (a) about the current law ? … (b) generally?

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