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One of the pleasures of going to a cafe on a Saturday morning when Spring has arrived, is people watching – and there is no greater pleasure than seeing a 45 year old City type, who has decided to raid his 15 year old son’s wardrobe, wandering by dressed in three quarter length cargo pants – strutting his stuff as if it looks great.  I have to say… it looks even more bizarre when the City type is balding but hasn’t quite got the courage to go to a barber and get a Number One cut. When I lived in West London I used to see quite a few of these types in their absurd cargo pants looking ‘yoofily hawt’ – but, it appears, they live in Battersea as well.

Fire up the convertible
And then there are the convertible drivers, sharing their ‘unusual’ taste in music with us as they drive by wearing military style caps or, even more bizarre, beanie hats.  Some of them have the grace to look mildly self conscious; others look wonderfully pleased with themselves…cool… or what?  FTW!….and why not?!

The Grand National

Today is Grand National Day.  I haven’t got that much interest in horses – although I quite enjoy eating them when I am holidaying in France – although, to be fair, I don’t think any of them were racehorses – Boeuf en Croute au Shergar was not being offered at the restaurant I visited near Saint Jean Cap Ferrat on the Cote d’Azur when I was down there a few years ago… amusing myself on my motorbike.  I’ll say this for the Frenchies.. they know how to build a good road for a blat.

The Sun treated us to a series of dressing in the dark pictures from Aintree Ladies day.

Just a quick one today…. so I’ll be back later, after my lunch with a fellow tweeter to do Part (2)… enjoy the sun.

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