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Today I am talking to well known  political blogger Old Holborn who says on his blog… “There are 60 million of us but only 646 of them….” I’ve read Old Holborn’s blog for some time – he has some strong views and now he wants to become one of the 646 in parliament and be the only MP to wear a Guy Fawkes mask and represent his constituents anonymously as an Independent.

We talk about Old Holborn’s reasons for wanting to enter Parliament, how he will represent his constituents if elected and we then move to the wider issues of the day – the leader debates, democracy, the economy, hung parliament et al.

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Old Holborn’s blog

Old Holborn4MP

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Geoffrey Woolard PPC for Cambridgeshire South East

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It being a Bank holiday, I thought I would leave my weekly postcard until the holiday Monday – in any event, I was out having an enjoyable lunch yesterday – and this being the last weekend (mercifully) before the election, it has to come from Westminster…. but a short walk up the road from here if one is inclined to walk, which I wasn’t.

I plan to return to writing about law on a daily basis from tomorrow but I have no doubt, in the final days of the campaign, there will be something to parody or amuse myself with.

The Times, newly converted to Cameron’s vision of a Big Society and coming out the for the Conservatives along with sister newspaper The News of the World – wonderfully surreal pairing of newspapers – cautions Cameron against revealing too much about his plans in the first days of government lest the fickle British voter (I include myself as such in this election) decides that schadenfreude is a dish best eaten any time and pulls back from marking the ballot paper with a cross and decides to draw a phallus all over the ballot paper instead.  I am not bang up to date on my election law,  but I assume that it would still be a valid vote if one were to draw a phallus in the box to indicate a vote? – the key being to make one’s wish clear with a mark in the appropriate box.  I shall ask my learned friend Mr Carl Gardner for his opinion on this matter.  I have designed a diagram to assist.

In the meantime I am pleased to be able to give you the benefit of this extraordinary public information film which indicates that any mark is acceptable.   The film is worth a watch if only to see how not to make a public information film!

This election has been fascinating, certainly the most interesting I have experienced in 50+ years. We have had Chris Grayling reprising Basil Fawlty by advising Bed & Breakfast owners that they should not need to take in gays.  Yesterday, not to be outdone,  we had reports of Philippa Stroud exorcising demons and curing people of their homosexuality through prayer – a story which may or may not have legs.  We had Bigotgate, where Gordon Brown revealed his famous temper and scorn, calling a faithful Labour voter a ‘bigot’ when he thought he was no longer being recorded.  We’ve had various Prospective Parliamentary Candidates having to stand down for unfortunate remarks on twitter and elsewhere.  We’ve had leader debates and a remarkable, but possibly now waning, surge in support for the Lib-Dems.  I did meet an interesting guy smoking outside the pub on Saturday night….

For my part – as I am not remotely interested in how other people cast their vote, for that is their business, I have enjoyed the humour, some of it even intended, on twitter and the astonishing urgency of twitterers punting the party line with the enthusiasm of a fellatrix on double time and a long queue.

I take a raw, almost visceral, pleasure in the fact that Cameron,  who had a 20 point lead,  is now struggling to get clear blue water between his ‘New Conservatives in wolves clothing’ and the competition.  This should have been an election with an open goal.  Friday could see the departure of two leaders – Gordon Brown and David Cameron if the Tories cannot form a government.  Hopefully, there are ‘dark forces’ working in the wings to ensure that there is a bus service to Fife on Friday morning so that McDoom can be returned to sender and fresh thinking is brought into the Labour Party.  If Miliband becomes leader, Lord Mandelson could yet fulfill his naked ambition to be Foreign Secretary, with Clegg as Home  Secretary and Darling and Cable fudging some form of job share over at the Treasury?  How the Tories would squeal if that were to come to pass. I can’t see a minority Conservative administration lasting long and, in any event, is there not a matter of convention whereby an incumbent party is invited to form a government first in the event of a hung parliament?

Election 2010: Which leader’s public persona do you prefer?

At least Gordon Brown’s act is almost admirably crap – you can see something awkwardly human beneath – Charlie Brooker

I rather enjoyed Charlie Brooker’s piece in the Guardian today.

As it happens… I had been wondering why we hadn’t seen much of Osbore. I was delighted to see in the Sun this morning that he has been doing something useful with his time.

The Election, coupled with the easter vacation for lawyer and the courts,  has also given me an opportunity to taste some good inexpsnive wines.  Some of them have been so good that I have started to entertain unusual thoughts….

And on that note, I suppose I should get on with some law writing. This is supposed to be a law blog, after all…  whatever you wishes, I do hope you enjoy the election.  Next week, of course… it could be the same old shit, just a different cast.

Best, as always


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